Courtesy of Kraft

The New Unicorn Kraft Mac & Cheese Will Make Your Kids *Fly* To The Dinner Table

Unicorn mania has returned in full force, this time in the form of Kraft's new unicorn-shaped Macaroni & Cheese. Just when you thought the powers that be had invented every unicorn product possible (candles designed to smell like their poop had to have been the peak, right?), another item Lisa Frank would be proud of appears. Dinnertime will never be the same.

It seemed like the public might finally grow tired of the mythical horned creatures in 2019 — Etsy trends predicted that sloths would be the "It" animal of the year, according to Bustle — but they're apparently still going strong, with companies still dreaming up new ways for us to get a little closer to the magic of the fabled-horses in our day-to-day lives. Vox reported that the unicorn fever developed in part from millennial nostalgia, as "it's characterized by pastel colors, rainbows, iridescent hues, pearly purples, an opalescent sheen, and everything shimmery" that many of the products Gen Y kids grew up on. Lisa Frank's unicorn designs of the '90s heyday stir strong memories in now grown millennial shoppers, and their enthusiasm for them has spread to their kids, too, leading to the horned-product frenzy you've witnessed the past few years.

Kraft's approach to the unicorn trend puts a twist on their staple Macaroni & Cheese with a new unicorn-themed iteration. It's the exact same formula as the classic, just with magical shapes including unicorns, rainbows, and stars. Kraft has been known for offering novelty-shaped noodles in their boxes for years — I remember begging my mom for the Rugrats box as a kid — offering families meals that are as fun to look at as they are yummy. But this is their first stab at a unicorn design, and it gives nostalgic parents and excited children a mac and cheese option they'll love. Honestly, I'm surprised it even took them this long to come out with a unicorn version.

Courtesy of Kraft

The cute box will definitely catch your eye (and especially your kid's) the next time you hit up the grocery store. And the best part is, you know the dish won't take you long to prepare. A big reason Kraft is a household name is because their meals can be prepared so quickly and conveniently: It takes 15 minutes from start to finish to make any Kraft macaroni according to their My Food and Family website. Even though it'll be super simple for you to prepare, the kids will feel like they're getting a special treat, so everyone will leave the table satisfied.

The dreamy new Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is available now at select retailers nationwide according to a Kraft PR rep, and you can also get it online at Target, Amazon, and Walmart. It retails for about $2, which is a steal for a magical meal. So hit up your grocery store or hop online to snag the most mystical and cheesiest dinner of all time, and get ready for huge smiles at the dinner table tonight. Unicorns foreva.