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Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Say They've Traded Date Nights For Game Nights

by Casey Suglia

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are used to living a pretty glamorous lifestyle when they dress up for their red carpet appearances. But in their private lives, they're a bit more low key and just like every other couple. So, people will probably love that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have traded date nights for game nights — because its definitely relatable.

Bell and Shepard are parents to two young daughters — 6-year-old Lincoln and 5-year-old Delta, according to People — which obviously changed their lives so many years ago. Everyone with kids knows that your social life changes quite a bit when little ones are thrown into the mix, and in spite of their glamorous acting jobs, the couple can definitely agree with this.

In a new interview with Parade, the couple revealed that they've done some serious rearranging with their social lives since welcoming their first daughter in 2013, according to E! News. And forget about date nights.

"We've probably had nine in the last six years, if we're being honest," Shepard told Parade.

Instead, they've incorporated their daughters into their fun.

"We play board games and the kids destroy the house and that's just a fun Sunday," he added.

Nothing sounds more fun than staying indoors, in pajamas, playing Uno and Clue on a Sunday morning. Who needs to get dressed up and spend money on a fancy dinner out when you can just spend time with your kids instead?

The couple knows how to keep it real (especially since they're not afraid to talk about their messy house), which is refreshing since most people see Bell on shows like The Good Place and walking red carpets dressed in designer gowns. Bell told Parade that their house is always in disarray thanks to their daughters:

We're behind on laundry, our house is a mess, there's dog hair that we're trying to constantly Swiffer. They leave stuff everywhere! It's like they booby-trap the house and sometimes they do actually booby-trap the house. Our oldest builds forts and a good half the week all the couch cushions are off. No one can sit on the couch and the only thing that's exposed are crumbs!

Another way they're keeping it real? By acknowledging that relationships are hard work. "This isn't a special fairytale," Bell told Parade.

"This is two people who worked really hard and it's attainable if you work really hard in your marriage too," Shepard added.

In the past, the couple has been honest about how much work they put in to their marriage to make it work, especially since they are candid about how different they are, according to USA Today. Bell told Us Weekly in August 2017 that each day presents challenges for the both of them.

"It is not easy to work around another human being, but if you commit to it, you can pretty much permanently respect that person," Bell said.

And they've clearly made that commitment to each other. They first started dating around 12 years ago, according to Parade, and their lives have changed accordingly. But they don't seem to mind too much about trading in their date nights for family game nights.