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Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard’s Daughter Delta Took The Sweetest Photo Of Her Parents

If you've ever had a small child snatch your phone while it's in camera mode, then chances are you've come across bursts of dozens of amusing photos. These might include shots of their feet, an otherwise okay portrait except with little fingers covering part of the lens, and uncomfortably close selfies. Every once in a while, though, a preschooler will snap a relatively impressive shot. And recently, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s daughter Delta took the most adorable photo fo her parents.

As a refresher, Bell and Shepard share two children: Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4. And although their daughters don't often make appearances on Bell and Shepard's social media accounts, it looks like fans have thee couple's youngest daughter to thank for a sweet candid photo. That's because on Sunday, Sept. 1, Shepard took to Instagram to share a shot of himself lounging on a couch with his arms wrapped around Bell — who is lying on top of him — according to Entertainment Tonight. The father of two captioned his post with, "Photo credit: Delta (whose finger makes an appearance.)"

At a glance, the shot seems like a perfect moment between Bell and Shepard ruined by a poorly-placed finger. But the more that I look at it, the more I love that Delta's finger made it into the picture. See for yourself!!

It seems Shepard's followers loved how charming Delta's photo was as well. One Instagram user wrote, "Photos of people taken by children are my favorite because children always elicit a beautiful sparkle in the subject’s eyes."

Another person commented, "I mean you guys are cute, but that finger really does steal the show."

Meanwhile another Instagram follower pointed out, "It makes me feel a little uncomfortable seeing bare skin on a leather couch, but once I work through that I will just see ALL the adorable in this photo!"

Yet another fan declared, "I love everything about this."

On a decidedly less adorable note, Bell recently shared an Instagram post about an ER visit she made for one of their daughters. "First emergency room visit. One hairline fracture and a finger smushed so hard in the door it popped like a jelly donut," the mom of two captioned a photo of herself and her daughter making frowning faces at the hospital, People reported. "... Thank you to all who helped my baby. (Ps I'm not attaching a pic of the finger because there was literally burger popping out all over and it as pretty gross.)" (Thanks for sparing us the gory details, Kristen!)

Since becoming parents, Shepard and Bell have been open about the fact that although their careers often put them in the spotlight, they don't want images of their children hunted down and published in tabloids — or any kids of stars, for that matter. It's for that reason that any photos of Lincoln and Delta that they do share on Instagram (as you can see above) are blurred, taken from behind, or have smiley faces over their faces. It's also why they led a campaign in 2014 against paparazzi — and media outlets that use their photos — who stalk and harass celebrity children.

I wholeheartedly support Shepard's and Bell's mission to fiercely protect their daughters' privacy. I also love that they've found clever ways of including Lincoln and Delta on Instagram while staying true to their no-kid-photos policy. Hopefully, fans will be getting even more glimpses of Dax and Kristen's lives, courtesy of their daughters behind the camera — fingers and all!