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Kristen Bell Shares A Photo Of Daughter, Still Manages To Keep Her Kids Out Of Public Eye

After years of keeping her private life very private, actress Kristen Bell might now be opening up. Recently Bell shared a rare photo of her daughter on Instagram. It showed one of her two daughters (it's unclear which) enjoying a swim with dad in Lake Michigan, according to Refinery29. In July, Bell also gave CBS Sunday Morning viewers a glimpse of photos of her intimate courthouse wedding ceremony with husband and fellow actor Dax Shepard.

Bell and Shepard have been outspoken in the past about their anti-paparazzi beliefs and wish to keep their children out of the public eye. After being exposed to the issue through Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry in 2014, the couple became extremely involved in the movement to stop paparazzi from taking pictures of celebrity kids, according to a Huffington Post piece written by Dax Shepard. Even though a bill had been passed in California in 2013 that made it illegal to take pictures of children because of their parent's employment, the demand for those pictures still had not been addressed.

So Bell and Shepard asked consumers via Twitter to boycott magazines that buy and display photos of children taken by paparazzi. People, Entertainment Tonight, the Today Show and PerezHilton.com all pledged their support of the "no kids" policy after it received considerable attention from customers, other celebrities and the media, according to Deseret News.

Based on her history, it's no surprise that the picture Bell shared of her daughter was taken from very far away. It's not clear if the child shown is her younger daughter, 1-year-old Delta, or older, 3-year-old Lincoln. It seems the Frozen star still hopes to keep her young children out of the public eye, even if that means keeping them (mostly) off of her personal social media pages.

It's tough to keep children away from the relentless paparazzi, but it's respectable that Bell has continued to stand up for her children's right to privacy. After all, they didn't sign up to be famous, as both Bell and Shepard have mentioned previously.

Apparently, though, Bell isn't opposed to sharing pictures of herself with also-famous husband Dax, who she married in 2013. Bell shared this picture from the same trip to Lake Michigan, but this one featured the adorable couple.

We might not be seeing any pictures of the two daughters any time soon, but at least we can see that the family seems happy and well.