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Kristen Bell's Post About Driving Her Daughter To The ER Is All Of Us

Is it just me, or are young children always finding new and creative ways of injuring themselves? It's like it's their mission, or something. Jumping on the couch? Heck yes! Sledding down the stairs on a mattress or couch cushion? Woohoo! Climbing on the outside of precariously tall playground equipment? The best! And I swear, little kids are constantly putting questionable things in their mouths — and other orifices. Which is why Kristen Bell's post about driving her daughter to the ER is so freaking relatable.

On Tuesday, June 18, the Veronica Mars actress took to her Instagram Story to share a scene from her life that I'm sure many parents have lived before. “Right before this photo was taken my youngest daughter shoved a jewel up her nose up to her brain and we jumped in the car headed to the emergency room,” the Bell wrote, according to Us Weekly. “On the way she snorted it out and we re-routed and went to @nbcthegoodplace #FYC panel instead.” Bell then posted two photos of herself wearing a white suit and her hair in a bun.

Okay, so maybe the part about re-routing to a The Good Place panel doesn't apply to most of us. But you catch my drift.

In case you've lost track, Bell shares two daughters with her actor husband Dax Shepard — Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4. So the gem-up-the-nose culprit was most definitely little miss Delta.

Speaking of Kristen Bell and her kiddos, her husband/their father recently shared a different — but equally amusing — parenting anecdote. As it turns out, Lincoln and Delta have discovered their parents are famous, HuffPost reported.

They know that mom is Princess Anna from ‘Frozen,’ they know that, they understand it. They’ve been to set, they’ve seen us work, they have seen billboards around town, and people have taken photos of us when we’re out and about,” Dax told Stephen Colbert during an appearance on The Late Show. “But, I was talking with my daughter, and she said, ’Why do people listen to the podcast? Do they listen for you? Or Monica — my co-host?”

Shepard's daughter wondered why people knew her dad in the first place — and that's when he spilled the beans. “Well, because I’m famous,” Shepard explained. “YOU’RE FAMOUS?” she exclaimed. “Does mom know?” LOL.

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He went on to drop another truth bomb to his daughter, “Honey, mom’s more famous than dad," to which she replied, ‘MOM’S FAMOUS TOO?’” Shepard continued:

And I was like, ‘What is happening right now?’ She understands how we’re making a living, but the word ‘famous’ was its own thing, like at kindergarten, I guess we were all of a sudden Taylor Swift or something ― or Pink.

Despite their fame, it seems as if Bell and Shepard are living out the typical day-to-day life as parents of two young children. In March, Shepard shared with Parade magazine that he and Bell have only had "nine [date nights] in the last six years." (Which, same.) He added, “We play board games and the kids destroy the house, and that’s just a fun Sunday. We’re boring.”

So yes, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard may be super famous and super rich. But when it comes down to it, they're just like any other parents — driving their kids to the ER with foreign objects in their nose, and all.