Even Kylie Jenner Got Her Christmas Decorations From Target

by Casey Suglia

Kylie Jenner may be a self-made billionaire and incredibly famous across the world, but you probably have something kind of unexpected in common with her: a deep love for Target. As it turns out, Kylie Jenner got her Christmas decorations at Target this year — just like you and me, my friends — and documented her holiday decor scores in a new vlog.

In a new holiday-themed video on her YouTube channel, Jenner showed off all of her Christmas decorations in her house, straight from the big box retailer, with the help of her adorable 1-year-old daughter, Stormi. In the video, the two take viewers on a tour of their home, showing off their Christmas tree, which Stormi adorably said was "crazy." They also showed off their life-sized Santa collection and some of their Christmas decorations in the entryway. "I just love, like, traditional little Christmas," Jenner said.

The makeup mogul also made a note to point out her simple ceramic Christmas town, little reindeer figurines, and an electronic Santa climbing up a ladder, which she got from Target. "I got most of my stuff from Target," she added. (Same, girl, same.)

Jenner also can't resist a festive candle; the Frasier Fir candle by Thymes in Jenner's home, which she said in the video makes her whole house smell like Christmas, is available on Amazon for just $13. And Stormi's favorite climbing Santa, who "gets a workout" from climbing on a ladder all day, is currently on sale at Target for $45.50.

Jenner shared in the vlog that she was inspired to create holiday memories for Stormi because she used to love looking at her mom's ornaments on the tree as a kid. "I love this because I wanted Stormi to experience kind of what I experienced growing up, and all of the amazing memories that I have," she said.

Aside from showing off their fun Christmas decor from Target, Jenner also documented bringing the Kylie Cosmetics truck to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission — a family shelter located in California — with her mom and Stormi to feed the residents and give the younger kids presents. "I just want you to know how blessed you are, OK?," Jenner tells Stormi. "It's OK, she'll get it one day," she added when Stormi didn't respond.

As she gets older and creates more memories with her mom, Stormi will surely remember from her mom's desire to give back as well as all of the festive Target decorations in her home.