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These Kylie Jenner Halloween Costumes Are Actually Fun & Not For Jerks

This Halloween, plenty of people will get costume inspiration from America's first family: the Kardashian-Jenner group. After a decade in the spotlight, this family is still the subject of intense pop culture fascination, with young Kylie Jenner rising to fame in the past few years. However, Jenner's portrayal in the world of Halloween costumes has caused some recent scrutiny. To play fair, there are many Kylie Jenner Halloween costumes that are fun and not offensive. You can dress like the star without resorting to questionable costume choices.

First, a review: at age 20, Kylie Jenner has practically grown up on the reality television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But she's also a businesswoman in her own right. In 2016, the social media star launched her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, which has generated millions in sales from its Kylie Lip Kit, according to Biography. With her success from the show, endorsements, cosmetics, and lifestyle apps, Jenner is a highly influential figure on the pop culture scene.

So when rumors of Jenner's potential pregnancy broke on TMZ in September 2017, the internet lost its entire mind. Although Jenner has yet to confirm or deny these pregnancy speculations, the news launched countless tweets, blog posts, and other reactions. To cash in on this news, clothing company Yandy launched the reality star in the making costume, featuring a faux pregnant belly and spaghetti strap dress. Although no names are dropped, the selfie-taking model in the costume's ad bears an uncanny resemblance to Jenner. (Side note: Yandy also sells a sexy minion costume and a sexy IT clown costume, so there are plenty of other options for ridiculous sexy costumes if that's your jam.)

The backlash against the pregnant Kylie Jenner costume has been immediate and intense. Leah Collie of Mashable shot down the costume for "mocking a young celebrity for getting pregnant," while Kelli Boyle of Elite Daily noted that Jenner's fame does not "make it OK to exploit and sexualize the extremely personal experience she's going through." Even wealthy celebrities still deserve privacy and respect in these matters.

If you still want to dress as the Lip Kit Queen — and that's totally cool — there are ways to portray Jenner in a funny, lighthearted way that don't reference her reproductive choices. You can pay homage to the reality star, or even spoof her fame and fortune, in a respectable way. Read on for costume inspiration befitting a young reality star.


Insta-Famous Kylie

Blonde Bob Wig, $15, Amazon | Dog Nose, $7, Amazon | Dog Ears Headband, $11, Ebay | Black Tank Dress, $20, Nordstrom

With her 98.6 million followers on Instagram, Jenner is a social media master. But even she is not immune to the charms of the dog filter. To copy this look, get a blonde bob wig, a basic dog nose, and a dog ears headband. Follow Kylie Jenner's makeup tutorial on YouTube to imitate the star's famed makeup look. Dress in something casual, such as this black tank dress, to give off a chill vibe.


Kylie Lip Kit Logo

Sandwich Board, $60, Neoplex | Kylie Lik Kit, $29, Kylie Cosmetics | Glitter Lip Hat, $22, Etsy

Love it or hate it, the logo for Kylie's wildly popular lip kit is unmistakable. To dress as this hot cosmetic, first buy a sandwich board, or DIY your own version out of poster board or cardboard. Next, draw or print out the Kylie Lip Kit logo and write KYLIE in giant letters underneath. Top it off with a glitter lip hat.


Celebrity Shades Kylie


Kylie Fan

Kylie Tee, $35, Kylie Jenner Shop | Lips Dad Hat, $35, Kylie Jenner Shop | No Photos Please Shorts, $40, Kylie Jenner Shop | Kylie Name Choker, $13, Etsy

When it comes to the art of self-promotion, Jenner could teach a master class. Why not dress as her ultimate fan? A Kylie tee in black, lips dad hat, no photos please shorts, and a Kylie name choker should send the message clearly.


Selfie Star Kylie

Wavy Black Wig, $17, Amazon | White Tank Top, $13, Macy's | Black Bike Shorts, $13, Forever 21

Like many members of her family, Jenner is no stranger to the selfie. Make this habit a part of your costume. Get a wavy black wig, white tank top, and some black bike shorts. Whip out your phone and take selfies all evening.


Super Style Kylie

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Strappy Pink Bodysuit, $36, Nasty Gal | Bodysuit, $103, ASOS | Maxi Dress, $36, ASOS

Jenner appeared at the 2017 Met Gala in a custom Versace gown. For your own take, get a strappy pink bodysuit or a bodysuit with embellishment and fringe. Top everything with a sheer embroidered maxi dress. Perfection.


Highliter Hair Kylie

Neon Wig, $25, Yandy | Gold Metallic Dress, $20, Nasty Gal

If you want an excuse to rock some colorful hair this Halloween, take on this look. Get a deluxe bobbed neon wig and a gold metallic dress. Now go party like you're at Coachella.

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