Kylie Jenner Reportedly Has Strict Rules When People Visit Baby Stormi, & For Good Reason

Parents will go to lengths to protect their children, especially when they just gave birth. Kylie Jenner, for example, just gave birth to her daughter, Stormi Webster, in the beginning of February and is figuring out life as a new mom every single day. So, it should be totally understandable that Jenner reportedly has strict rules for when people visit Stormi, because as new parent can attest to, newborns are your precious cargo.

After months of keeping her pregnancy a secret, Jenner revealed in February that she had not only been pregnant for the past nine months but that she had given birth to her daughter on the first of the month. It was amazing to many people that Jenner was able to keep her pregnancy such a secret, especially since Jenner had been so active on social media before then. Her silence on Snapchat and Instagram was deafening. Jenner attributed her absence to wanting to maintain her health and sanity for her own sake and her baby. "I knew my baby would feel every stress and every emotion so I chose to do it this way for my little life and our happiness," Jenner wrote in an Instagram post.

Since then, Jenner has been a little more active on social media and a little less private about sharing Stormi with the world (I, for one, live for her Stormi posts on her Instagram story). But Jenner reportedly has still been apprehensive about introducing Stormi to the rest of the world. Jenner will reportedly only let her "loved ones" visit Stormi, according to Us Weekly, and when they do visit her, they're under "strict conditions."

A source told Us Weekly that Jenner is a "germaphobe" and is "committed" to keeping her daughter away from anything nasty that she could catch. The source told Us Weekly:

You have to go to her house to visit. She's being very careful about keeping the baby healthy and indoors.

This doesn't sound like too much of a huge demand, especially with the level of privacy and protection that Jenner maintained throughout her pregnancy. It is clear that Jenner is very concerned about her baby's health (and her own health as a mother). So if she wants to regulate the people who come into her house, then she has every right to.

You really can't blame Jenner for not wanting to take Stormi out to other people's homes, especially since this flu season has been particularly strong and dangerous. The more unknown places that she brings Stormi, the more foreign the germs are. She is just trying to make sure that her 1-month-old baby is healthy and you can't get angry at Jenner for that.

While Jenner might have some strict rules about who enters and exits her home, it's not necessarily recommended by doctors to keep a newborn inside all day. Babies should be getting a decent amount of fresh air after their birth, according to WebMD, and there is no medical reasoning to not take your baby outside and out of the house weeks after giving birth, according to Baby Center.

But parents do need to be smart about where they're taking their baby, according to Babble, to avoid the exposure of foreign germs. Parents should be particularly careful about this, especially if their baby is under 2 months old, like Stormi, according to Babble, due to their less developed immune systems and lack of vaccinations. Jenner's "strict" rules don't seem so strict now, do they?

At 20 years old, Jenner is figuring out this parenting thing out, day by day. She obviously wants to protect her daughter from all harm — whether that harm comes in the form of germs, paparazzi, or unwanted visitors. You really can't blame a mom for wanting what's best for her child.

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