Kylie Jenner reportedly snagged a crystal beanie baby for a cool $12,000 at a charity auction
Pierre Suu/GC Images/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner Reportedly Dropped $12,000 For A Crystal-Encrusted Beanie Baby

by Morgan Brinlee

In the late 90s, a craze quickly spread across the country, capturing the attention of children and adults alike: Beanie Babies. In the decades that have passed since, the fervor around these cuddly plush animals has subsided significantly. However, it seems as if one reality TV star remains a collector. Kylie Jenner reportedly snagged a crystal beanie baby for a cool $12,000 at a charity auction organized earlier this month by Justin Bieber, TMZ reported.

Jenner paid $12,000 for a custom, crystal covered bear designed by Los Angeles artist Dan Life to resemble the classic Erin Beanie Baby Irish bear, according to TMZ. The bear Jenner snagged is reported to be one of only three ever created by Life, who also creates wearable, crystal encrusted Nikes and crystal encrusted Pokemon pieces. What's more, the tabloid news outlet reported Thursday that the custom bear is set to be hand delivered to Jenner by Bieber.

Jenner is believed to have spotted the blinged-out bear earlier this month when she and mom Kris Jenner attended an art auction Bieber organized with his wife Hailey (Baldwin) Bieber and Paddle 8. At the time, Life posted a series of photos to Instagram of Jenner admiring his work on the Beanie Baby-inspired bear.

According to Paddle 8, Bieber curated the auction's items himself, which included "rare contemporary art." Proceeds from the auction, which appears to have been a star-studded event, went toward two family-focused organizations, LIFT, a national nonprofit working to pull families out of poverty, and Inner-City Arts, an organization that provides underserved children with arts education.

But it wasn't just art on display at Bieber's auction. According to W magazine, the event turned into an impromptu concert when Bieber, Jaden Smith, and even Jenner took turns serenading the crowd. While Bieber and Smith sang some of their hit singles, Jenner treated auction attendees to a quick rendition of "Rise and Shine." Earlier in the year, video of Jenner waking up daughter Stormi by singing the phrase "rise and shine" quickly went viral, spurring a myriad of internet memes.

While it's difficult to say how much of a Beanie Baby fan Jenner might be, she's previously shared a photograph of one of her dogs relaxing with a plush toy from the TY Beanie Buddies collection, proving she at least has some. And you certainly have to be something of a collector to spend $12,000 on Beanie Baby-inspired art.