Kylie Jenner Teased Valentine’s Day Lip Kits & The Internet’s So Here For It —

by Keiko Zoll

Kylie Jenner is a huge fan of the holidays. I mean, shereally goes all out for Christmas, her birthday, you name it. So, why would Valentine’s Day be any different? Based on a recent Snapchat, Jenner’s got a little something planned to help you celebrate this day of love. Kylie Jenner teased Valentine’s Day products from Kylie Cosmetics, and people are dying to know what she has in store for the big day!

It’s not entirely clear if the products she’s teasing areher infamous Lip Kits or something different entirely. The only thing you canreally see from the photo is the corner of the packaging, which has gotten abright red upgrade for the day of roses, chocolates and now, gifts from KylieCosmetics.

According to her Snapchat, she’ll post more informationabout these goodies on Jan. 25, and the day seriously can’t get here fastenough! No one has any idea what the products she’s releasing will be, but thatdoesn’t stop the online world from freaking out. Because no matter what thisnext launch may be — it’s worthy of getting excitement. Jenner neverdisappoints, so get ready to add whatever’s coming in time for Feb. 14 to yourlist of must-haves. And go ahead and warn your sweetheart that the key to yourheart can be found on the Kylie Cosmetics website.