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Kylie Threw An Epic Birthday Party For Stormi, & Baby Shark Was There — PHOTOS

by Lauren Schumacker

From the moment Kylie Jenner confirmed that she'd given birth to baby Stormi back in February of 2018 after keeping things under wraps for the entirety of her pregnancy, you likely knew that the proud new mama would go all-out for her little one's first birthday celebration. Naturally, Kylie Jenner threw Stormi an over-the-top first birthday party and even Baby Shark was there, because, really, the party wouldn't have been complete without it.

Stormi turned 1 on Feb. 1, but the celebration has been seemingly non-stop for quite awhile. Still, fans couldn't wait to see what Jenner would do for her little one's actual party, because the KarJenner sisters have a tendency of doing things big, really big. So it was pretty much assured that Jenner had some extravagant tricks up her sleeve.

As shown on Jenner's Instagram account, Stormi's birthday party was, essentially, a Stormi-centric theme park, packed with games, rides, fun and festive snacks, entertainment, and even a shop selling Stormi-themed merch. The celebration, dubbed StormiWorld, naturally also had it's own hashtag. Additionally, per a screenshot that Jenner posted on Instagram Stories, Stormi even trended on Twitter in the United States. You know, like everyone and their first birthday party.

The party also featured entertainment from every toddler's favorite performer, Baby Shark. That's right, Jenner landed the celebrity guest that just about every kid can't get enough of. You'll have to head to Jenner's Instagram account to check out the video of partner Travis Scott dancing along with Baby Shark, which she shared to Instagram Stories, but it's worth it. Stormi's dad has obviously heard "Baby Shark" once or twice before.

Jenner couldn't resist posing for a photo with Baby Shark during the party either.

According to Harper's Bazaar, the show-stopping StormiWorld event was inspired by Scott's album, Astroworld. Which is a pretty sweet form of inspiration for their baby girl's first birthday, if you think about it.

The couple clearly spared no detail to ensure that Stormi's first birthday was something that party attendees would remember. As Vulture reported, the guests entered the party through a giant blow-up image of Stormi's head. That's right, people walked into the party by, essentially, walking into the 1-year-old's mouth. There were a number of themed rooms, each promising different forms of fun and entertainment, and, as Jenner showed on Instagram, DJ Khaled gifted Stormi her first Chanel bag. You know, the traditional first birthday gift.

Stormi didn't seem overly engaged with much of the party, as Vulture noted, but that could be because there was just so much to do and so much to look at. Who can blame a 1-year-old for being a little overwhelmed when faced with a tiered birthday cake with moving parts, after all?

The StormiWorld party wasn't baby Stormi's only birthday celebration. As Elle noted, Jenner and Scott took Stormi on a first birthday vacation to kickoff their celebrations several weeks early. "Let the birthday adventures begin..," Jenner captioned a shot of Stormi walking on sand. She posted the photo on Instagram on Jan. 17.

But what are first birthdays for if not for going a little overboard when it comes to the celebrations? It's true, the Kardashian-Jenner-West families tend to lean a bit towards over-the-top whenever it comes to any sort of celebrations, but Stormi is Jenner's only child — at least, for now — so a little bit of extravagance is expected, in this age of Instagram-worthy first birthdays, sex reveals, and more. Now, all that's left is to wait to see how Jenner outdoes herself next year.