Kylie Jenner Is Staying Unmarried For Now & Her Reason Makes Total Sense

by AnnaMarie Houlis

Kylie Jenner finally let fans out of the dark regarding her pregnancy rumors, announcing on Sunday that she and boyfriend Travis Scott officially welcomed their first child, Stormi Webster, on Feb. 1. But, contrary to what most of the internet might want, Jenner and Scott aren't in any rush to get engaged, according to Hollywood Life. Instead, the reality star and makeup mogul has said that she is going to take her sweet time enjoying being a new mom — and that's an awesome choice people should support.

Once Stormi was born, Kylie shared an 11-minute video of her pregnancy journey that featured precious moments like her ultrasound appointments and time spent talking about the baby news with both Kylie and Travis's families. Then, on Tuesday she confirmed that her daughter would be taking Travis’s real last name when she shared a photo of Stormi on her Instagram account captioned, "stormi webster 👼🏽.." And, now, the couple has reportedly told friends that they're in no rush to tie the knot, according to "sources," Hollywood Life reported. Instead, they want to spend time focusing on their newborn without other stresses, which is the reason Kylie said she also decided to keep her pregnancy a secret.

It was certainly admirable of Kylie to choose not to experience her pregnancy journey in front of the world, knowing that her baby would "feel every stress and every emotion," she wrote on her Instagram reveal, and it's also great that she's now taking time to be the best mom she can be.

"I'm sorry for keeping you in the dark through all the assumptions," she wrote. "I understand you're used to me bringing you along on all my journeys. My pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world."

And she shouldn't have had to — pregnancy is such an intimate time between a mother and her baby, and it's something Kylie has looked forward to for years. In the video Kylie shared, her friends talk about how she'd wanted to be a mom for years, and she'll make a great one now. "She was born to be a mom," one friend said. Another said, "This is what she wanted ever since she turned 15." Momager Kris Jenner added, "You've got the best mom, and you're so lucky; this is such a blessing and it's going to be the most amazing journey."

Kylie and Travis have been dating for less than a year, but love is love, right? In April, romance rumors spread after they were spotted together at a Coachella party, according to ELLE. A "source" told People then that the two had been friends "for a while," but that nothing was serious and Kylie was only trying to make her ex boyfriend, Tyga, jealous. That proved to be so wrong as they started hanging out together more and more, ELLE reported, first at an NBA playoff game in Houston just a few weeks later, and then in Boston for the weekend together while Travis was performing two shows. By May, Kylie went "Instagram official" with Travis in a group photo at the 2017 Met Gala and, by June, the couple got matching butterfly tattoos, according to ELLE.

Their relationship has flourished even more since then, though they still aren't living together, according to Mirror. And they don't actually have any plans to take "the next step" (by society's standards) in their relationship, and that's more than OK. In fact, it's great that they don't feel pressure to rush into anything more.

A couple doesn't have to be married to make good parents — marriage just isn't necessary for parenthood, and the presence of unmarried parents is actually rising. According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, the number of live births to unmarried women in 2015 was 1,601,527. That means that the percent of all births to unmarried women stood at 40.3 percent as of 2015.

As the result of religious cultural practices, U.S. norms tend to push for getting married before having children, but that's just not how things work anymore, because it's just not how things have to be. Plenty of people have children before getting hitched, and plenty have children without ever even wanting to get married. It just shouldn't matter so long as the family is happy and healthy, and Kylie and Travis seem to be.

Besides, for all we know given the couple's history of keeping personal matters mum, they could already be married — kidding... kinda.

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