6 Kylie Jenner Tweets That Could Def Be Hinting At A Pregnancy

Kylie Jenner's rumored pregnancy is all that anyone has been able to talk about for the last half of this year. In late September, TMZ was the first to report the news that Jenner is expecting her first child with boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott. But since that news was reported, Jenner has been keeping incredibly quiet, refusing to confirm or deny the rumors. Until that happens, people only have the hints that Jenner gives them — and these Kylie Jenner tweets that could be hinting at a pregnancy show that hints are all they need.

Jenner's silence has been deafening. And with no way knowing when she will announce her pregnancy or deny the rumors, fans have taken to her social media accounts to look for clues. But because of the rumored pregnancy, according to People, Jenner has been keeping a low profile. In the meantime, the makeup mogul has definitely been busy, promoting her Kylie Cosmetics holiday collection.

And while Jenner might have cut down on her public appearances, she still spends a lot of time on her social media accounts. These tweets from Jenner herself could definitely be a major hint towards confirming the rumors — but that is all up to interpretation.

Flowers Are Symbolic

Just last week, Jenner tweeted out a simple statement to her followers "Happy Sunday" followed by a flower emoji — and tweeted almost the exact same thing one month before. This would be a standard tweet for any other celebrity, but with Jenner it is incredibly different. Jenner could be tweeting that she was having a happy Sunday because of her pregnancy. Let's be real, pregnancy is a time where women should be nothing but happy. Not to mention, pink flowers are rich in symbolism. This tweet could very well be a hint about her rumored pregnancy.

Something To Smile About?

In October, Jenner retweeted a gif of her smiling from an episode of her show, Life of Kylie. There are reasons that Jenner could have retweeted the gif, like she looks phenomenal in the video. But could the retweet be be because she has so much to smile about — like a pregnancy? Pregnancy is often referred to as "the happiest time in a woman's life," which could definitely give Jenner a reason to smile about and retweet a gif of her smiling — to let everyone know how happy she is.

Did She Address The Haters?

On that same day, Jenner retweeted another gif from that same video. This time, it was about Jenner's words rather than her facial expression that serves as a hint. In the gif, Jenner looks at the camera and says "Just live." During this time of her rumored pregnancy, Jenner has been criticized and analyzed, a lot. People have looked at the social media star's every single move to determine whether or not she was pregnant. One tabloid even went as far to reportedly photoshop candid photos of Jenner into making her look more pregnant.

This retweet could be addressing that. Instead of focusing on her rumored pregnancy maybe fans and critics alike should "just live."

Someone New To Shop For

Just a few days after the mega-shopping holiday of the year, Black Friday, happened Jenner tweeted that she loved online shopping. Could it be that she loves online shopping because she has someone new (a baby) to shop for? This wouldn't be the first time that Jenner has reportedly purchased things for a new baby. According to People, Jenner has reportedly been having "a lot of fun" picking out new items for rumored child. If this is the case, then this tweet is a major hint.

There Could Be Something To Look Forward To

Just a few days after TMZ reported that Jenner was pregnant, Jenner took to Twitter to tell her followers to "Stay tuned..." Many took this as a hint that she was telling them to stay tuned to more news of her pregnancy or a baby on the way. But unfortunately for those fans, this was proved to be a tweet referring to her cosmetics line and not her rumored pregnancy.

Until Jenner comes out and addresses the rumors, there is no way of knowing if she is really pregnant. These tweets, however, do give fans a bit of hope that in spite of her being tight lipped, she has been tweeting about this pregnancy the entire time — just in her own way.