Kylie Jenner's BFF Can't Hang Out With Stormi Because Of 'Baby Fever'

Being a friend to Kylie Jenner definitely has its perks (I mean, can you imagine the makeup collection that she lets her friends get in to?) and no one knows this more than her long time best friend, Jordyn Woods. Woods has been with Jenner through everything, from Jenner's recent (and secret) pregnancy to the birth of Jenner's daughter, Stormi Webster. But Woods might be seeing a little less of the new mom and her daughter, because she said she can't hang out with Stormi because of "baby fever" and it is so relatable. Same, girl.

You can't deny that Stormi is one cute kid. Jenner and Stormi's dad, Travis Scott, should be proud — because their child is absolutely adorable. The proof is in Jenner's social media accounts, where she (thankfully) shares photos and videos of her little girl with her fans. And every time that she does this, her fans can not get enough of her daughter. So if Jenner's fans think that her baby is that cute just through videos, can you imagine how adorable Stormi is in person?

Woods seems to think so — and Stormi's cuteness has now caused a full blown problem in her relationship with Jenner. In a tweet this past week, Woods let her fans know that she might have to start seeing less of Stormi, because hanging out with her is causing her to want a kid of her own. "I can't hang out with Stormi anymore, because I thought it would be enough but she gets cuter every day and I think I'm coming down with some form of fever," Woods tweeted.

There is exactly one way to describe that fever and that is baby fever, or the craving of wanting a kid of your own, according to TIME.

It's not like Woods hasn't been with Jenner through every step of her crazy ride that was Jenner's pregnancy. Like when it was first reported last September by TMZ that Jenner was pregnant, but Jenner (and all of the people closest to her, including Woods) refused to say anything about it. Woods, of course, knew that her best friend was pregnant, especially since she was living with Jenner at the time that Jenner found out she was pregnant, according to Elle, and was with Jenner when she took the pregnancy test. Woods was also instrumental in helping Jenner keep her pregnancy a secret and that's how you know she's a great friend.

If you've ever doubted how involved Woods was in Jenner's pregnancy, then you need to take a closer look at Jenner's video to Stormi, where she documented her pregnancy for the world to see. Woods can be heard in the beginning of the video, narrating Jenner's pregnancy to Stormi, and seen with Jenner as she went from her baby shower, to her doctors appointments, to her In-N-Out runs to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. If there was anyone to have a front row seat to Jenner's life, it's Woods — which is why it is so sad that Stormi's cuteness is too much to handle for Woods.

But it's unlikely that Stormi will come between these lifelong besties. While it's a little unclear exactly when and how Jenner and Woods met (although it is likely it was through mutual friends), their bond is pretty much unbreakable. Woods told People last year that she believes their friendship will stand the "test of time." "Nothing's forever, but as long as I can imagine, I believe so," Woods said.

Of course, Woods is only joking about spending less time with Stormi and Jenner. It is clear that for as long as Jenner and Woods are friends (which seems like it will be forever), she will play an important role in Stormi's life. Even if that role comes with the sickness of "baby fever" from time to time.