Kylie Jenner shared a video of her daughter, Stormi, getting fitted for her first snowboard to Insta...
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1-Year-Old Stormi Got Fitted For Her First Snowboard & Guys, She's A "Natural"

Kylie Jenner's daughter is not even 2 years old yet, but it looks like she'll be a pro on the slopes before she's in preschool. On Tuesday night, Jenner shared on her Instagram story that Stormi is a "natural" on a snowboard and, I gotta say, I agree. In the cute footage she posted, the tot leans back and forth on her tiny board with such expertise, I'm certain she'll be flying down the bunny hills before you know it.

On Jenner's Instagram Story on Dec. 3, the proud mom shared a few videos of Stormi getting outfitted at a store for her own tiny snowboard, wiggling back and forth on the carpet with her arms extended out to balance as she tested out her mini snow gear. "Baby, you're a natural!" Jenner says to Stormi from behind the camera.

As the makeup mogul has shown off her own snowboarding skills on Instagram before and the Kardashian-Jenner family often take ski and snowboarding trips together, it's easy to understand why Jenner sounds so thrilled that her baby girl seems to be taking an interest in snowboarding already.

"I've been waiting for this moment for too long," she captioned the videos on her Instagram Story:

Last year, Jenner hit the slopes in Mammoth, California, with her friends, according to Marie Claire, but wrote in a post on her Instagram Story at the time that she had to leave Stormi at home with a sitter, presumably because she was simply too young. But it looks like this year's winter ski/snowboard trips could include little Stormi, who turns 2 years old in February.

While snowboarding is certainly challenging, Kids Can Ride notes that young kids, even at Stormi's age, can try out the sport. Stormi probably won't stay on the slopes for too long or be taking on any black diamonds, of course, but the site notes that kids under 2 can still learn how to balance on the board and be introduced to some basic techniques.

As her mom said, it seems like Stormi will take on those lessons like a "natural" whenever she hits the slopes for the first time.