Stormi, True, Chicago & Dream Can't Stop Giggling At Their Sweet Playdate — VIDEO

by Casey Suglia

Now that the Kardashian siblings all have kids around the same age, it's adorable to watch them grow up with the same bonds as their parents. Those little kids have built in friends for life, just like the siblings have had their entire lives. Don't believe me? Kylie Jenner's video of Stormi's playdate with her cousins proves that they are going to have so much fun together when they get older.

People have been "keeping up" with the Kardashian and Jenner siblings for a very long time. But now there is a whole new generation of Kardashians to keep up with. Kim, Khloé, Rob Kardashian, and their sister Kylie Jenner, all had little girls around the same time, according to Elle. Rob's daughter, Dream Kardashian, is two years old, according to E! News. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian welcomed her second daughter (and third child), Chicago West, in January 2018, Jenner gave birth to Stormi Webster, in February 2018, and Khloé Kardashian welcomed her daughter, True Thompson, in April that same year, according to CNN. That is a lot of babies.

And now that those babies are walking and talking, they're able to hang out and be the best of friends. On Friday, Oct. 4, Jenner took to Instagram to share proof of this. In the video, Dream, Chicago, True, and Stormi can all be seen sitting together on a playground laughing and smiling while someone off camera makes a funny noise. It's one of the cutest videos, ever. "These girls are getting so big I can't handle it," Jenner wrote in the caption of the video. "Thank you God for them."

Let's face it — these girls are already the coolest kids on the playground and they're not even a day over four years old.

Watching this video is like watching an episode of the family's E! reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But in the future, it should be renamed to Keeping Up with the Cousins. This video is so cute that Jenner's friends and followers took to the comments of the photo talk about how precious the little girls are.

"I personally want to be in this girl club," Khloé's longtime friend, Khadija Haqq McCray commented.

"Family goals," another commenter added.

"I'm done," another commenter perfectly stated.

They all have a point — this video is so sweet. It's proof of how close all of the girls are and a very real look as to what might the future hold. They have so much to look forward to when they get older — like play dates, sleep overs, and birthday parties. Before the Kardashians know it, their little ones will soon be attending high school dances together and laughing about boys instead of funny noises. They really do grow up so fast.

Their closeness really shouldn't come as a surprise. The siblings have been talking about how close the cousins are since their birth. In July 2018, Kim told People that her kids love their cousins. "They are all so good together, but I think Saint is the most excited about all of the babies," she said. That same month, Kim told E! News that she feels like having kids brought her even closer to her siblings. "All the kids want to hang out," she told E! News. "It's just a whole different experience now. It's so much fun."

Needless to say, the Kardashian and Jenner cousins will cherish their bond for a lifetime.