LaCroix Cocktails Now Exist & They're Honestly Gorgeous

Whether it’s the fancy name, the yummy flavors, the beautiful packaging, or the fact that they’re sugar-free, LaCroix sparkling waters are enormously popular. Their refreshing drinks are great to drink alone, but behold, they are now being used to make some amazing concoctions. If you love their sparkling water, you’ll love some beautiful LaCroix cocktails.

So where can you go to find these refreshing beauties? Of course, there are tons of DIY options out there in the internet for LaCroix cocktails. But for these incredibly Instagram-worthy drinks, you’ll have to make a trip to the W Los Angeles in West Beverly Hills. The cocktails, as mentioned in Cosmopolitan, have been introduced at the W’s in-hotel restaurant called The Hideout. Along with the LaCroix cocktails, the restaurant offers an amazing menu, including entrées like a lobster BLT, blistered shoshitos, and duck confit chilaquiles.

The Hideout is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday of the week, with brunch on Saturday and Sunday. But if all you want is to sip these sparkly, fruity glasses of heaven, you can find the new LaCroix cocktails on their drinks menu. As of now, there are three options for your tastebuds and seriously, each one sounds better than the last.

The Coco-Jito

If you love the flavor of LaCroix coconut, you'll love the W's Coco-Jito cocktail which is made with LaCroix's coconut sparkling water, Don Julio Blanco, lime, and mint, Cosmopolitan reported. It sounds like it literally tastes like an island vacation and you guys — everyone is here for it. How much more refreshing does it get than coconut-flavored sparkling water with lime and mint? (Oh, and plenty of Don Julio.)

The French Kiss

In a very berry mood? Check out this amazing LaCroix cocktail called the French Kiss, featuring LaCroix's berry sparkling water, Hennessy V.S., Montenegro, and lemon, noted Cosmopolitan. It's gorgeous, it's just fruity enough, and it packs enough booze to make you really, really happy. This one might be the prettiest of all the new LaCroix cocktails.

The Berry Wild

If you love the flavor of grapefruit, you should enjoy The Hideout's Berry Wild cocktail. It's made with LaCroix Pamplemousse sparkling water, Belvedere Wild Berry, Benedictine, and lemon, according to Cosmopolitan. The LaCroix Pamplemousse is an especially popular flavor in the brand, so it makes sense that it would be used in a perfect cocktail. Just look at the way the colors in the cocktail match the ones on the can. Your Instagram feed has never looked so delicious.

Again, it's no secret that LaCroix sparkling water makes a great cocktail. A quick Google search will bring up plenty of new recipes featuring the popular drink and they'll all make your mouth water. But seeing LaCroix "make it" to an official menu is pretty amazing. Now all your co-workers and friends raiding your fridge for the last can of LaCroix Pamplemousse will know that the entire world has caught on to the LaCroix phrase. And now you're probably going to have to stock up on more flavors. (Plus some liquor.)

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