Got 11 Mins? Flip On Disney+ & You Can Learn All About Bo Peep's Incredible Backstory

With Toy Story 4 finally dropping on Disney's streaming platform, fans might have been so caught up in their excitement that they missed a new short about a key character from the movie debuting around the same time. In fact, Pixar's new short called Lamp Life on Disney+ reveals how the beloved Bo Peep arrived at the antique shop. And, well, she had quite a wild ride.

The highly-anticipated fourth installment of the Toy Story franchise became available on Disney+ starting on Feb. 5, allowing fans to enjoy the next chapter of Andy's toys' journey all over again. What they might have missed, however, is an 11-minute short titled Lamp Life that dropped on Jan. 31. It features Bo Peep retelling the story to Woody and Giggle McDimples of how she wound up at the pawn shop near the carnival — and it's a doozy. Please note that some spoilers for Lamp Life are below.

Remember toward the beginning Toy Story 4, when viewers see a man taking Bo Peep from Andy's mom and thanking her for the lamp? Well, it turns out that man had two young daughters — and that's where Bo ended up staying for quite a while until the sisters outgrew her. But not before viewers, who are also perhaps parents of small children, had the opportunity to see many of their own struggles played out onscreen.

For starters, the sisters were terrible sleepers — and would cry pretty much every night at bedtime. Although their father kept insisting to their mom that they "just need to cry it out," the nighttime sob fest persisted for years. The parents would also repeatedly remind their girls that the lamp was not a toy. But that didn't stop them from playing with Bo's lamp over and over again — and sometimes even breaking her. But no worries! Because duct tape is a parent's best friend.

At one point, the girls crookedly jam a new lightbulb into the lamp — causing Bo to burst into flames at night when she's turned on. (Poor Bo.)

After the sisters outgrew the "baby lamp," Bo was passed along to the next family a few different times before finally landed in a free donation box. From there, she embarked on a wild adventure when she was given to a college-aged guy as a white elephant gift.

Look, I won't spill all the deets. But after digging herself out of a dumpster at one point, Bo was found on the sidewalk by the woman who owns the antique store — from which she eventually busted free and embarked on her life as a lost toy.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed Lamp Life. I had always wondered how Bo Peep ended up as a lost toy, and the Pixar short did a great job of filling in the gaps in an entertaining way. As a parent, I could also relate so hard with the struggle that is having two (or more) young children — getting them to just go to sleep for the love of all that is holy. And you know, not breaking everything they touch.

Still, I was left wanting more. I think this Twitter user perfectly summed my feelings up. They tweeted, "I want a Toy Story 5 now of Woody and Bo Peeps adventures as free toys. Or a series @disneyplus GET ON TO IT." Yep. Because Toy Story fans are insatiable.