Lana Winters Joins The 'AHS: Roanoke' Finale In An Epic Crossover

Season 6 of American Horror Story has proven to be rare gem of its time, but if you thought the whole concept of a show-within-a-show was interesting, then you're going to love when Lana Winters appears in the AHS: Roanoke finale next Wednesday. And now, thanks to the latest promo, fans know exactly how this epic Asylum crossover will go down. Though the clip only lasted a few moments, viewers get a glimpse of what life is like for Lee after being the sole survivor of Return To Roanoke: Three Days In Hell. And for someone who was just recently possessed to be a Butcher-like killer, this lady is now living the high life. In fact, she's even being interviewed by a very prominent news reporter. Any guesses on who that could be?

That's right, my friends — in Episode 10 of this wild and crazy AHS season, Lee will sit down with the one and only Lana Winters for "The Lana Winters Special." Now, to be clear, given that this is taking place in modern day times, this version of Lana is significantly older than the one fans became well acquainted with during her days at Briarcliff. In fact, this is probably around the same time (or possibly just before) Lana ended up having to kill her own son (played by Dylan Mcdermott) after he comes seeking vengeance on his father, Bloody Face's behalf.

So really, these two characters, Lee and Lana, could end up finding they have a lot more in common than they originally thought. Both are survivors of nightmare-ish events and both eventually became killers under stressful circumstances. I kinda doubt that's something they'll bond over on national television, of course, but it will be interesting to see the dynamic between these two as well as whether or not Lee will address the ginormous elephant in the room — like the fact that Lana looks so much like Audrey.

Either way, I'm very excited to see Lana back in action and doing what she does best: reporting the news. But will she uncover the truth of what Lee really did in order to survive that night? And how will this insane season come to a close? All will be revealed next week. Until then, it's anybody's guess!