7 Last-Minute Easter Ideas To Save Your Holiday Weekend

Easter is right around the corner, and if you are like me, you’ve been procrastinating putting your Easter activities together. For me, the cold weather on the east coast has been less than inspiring, so I haven’t paid much attention to my Easter hustle. Now that the holiday is a few days away, it’s time to get crackin’, so here are some egg-cellent last-minute Easter ideas that will be easy to throw together in a jiffy.

Luckily, if you head out to your local Target or Walmart now, you can buy the last minute supplies you need, whether it’s gifts for your Easter basket, candy for your egg hunt, or groceries for your holiday spread. Just note that Target stores are closed on Easter, but Walmart stores will be open for those extremely last-minute runs. (Just maybe be prepared to push your way through a crowd for that last minute pack of egg dye and vinegar.)

But the fun of the holiday really lies in the activities that you can enjoy with your family, especially your little ones. So if you are short on time, don’t worry, because here are some easy Easter ideas that you and your family can enjoy.


Bird's Nest Cupcakes

Any excuse to make cupcakes is a good one, so why not indulge with this amazingly easy Easter Bird’s Nest Cupcake recipe from Pillsbury. All you need to do is bake cupcakes in pastel baking cups, frost them with your favorite icing, add sprinkles, and top with Easter candy eggs. They're super simple to put together, so your kids can help decorate them (and devour them), too.


Easter Bunny Bunting

This easy Easter Bunny bunting project from Easy Kids Craft involves cutting bunny shapes out of construction paper or card stock for a firmer bunting. Once your bunnies are cut out, you can add pom poms for a bunny tail and then string along for great last minute Easter decor. It’s a great project to do with kids too, and it can even help keep them busy while you get your other holiday affairs in order.


Rice Krispie Easter Egg Treats

If you don’t have the time or energy to bake a fancy Easter desserts, you can always make these adorable Rice Krispie Easter Eggs. The recipe from Kellogg’s involves making your Rice Krispie treats with pastel food coloring and then shaping them like eggs. You can take the recipe further by dipping your Rice Krispie eggs in melted chocolate, and sprinkling them with colorful sprinkles.


Easter Bunny Cups With Bunny Bait

To add to the magic of the Easter bunny, while making an easy last minute treat, you can make these cute Easter Bunny cups with bunny bait as demonstrated by Giggles Galore, and for a video tutorial, you can check out this Bunny Treat Cup tutorial from Needlepointers.

For this super easy last minute craft project, all you need is white paper cups, on which you paste paper bunny ears, googly eyes, black wire whiskers, and a pom pom nose. Then you just fill the cups with bunny bait — a mixture of melted white chocolate, colorful sprinkles, and popcorn. You can leave the cups out to lure in the Easter Bunny or munch on it yourself. Either way it will be a great addition to your Easter activities.


Easter Egg Balloons

You may not have the time to get your balloons filled with helium, so this Easter Egg Balloon craft idea from Martha Stewart is a perfect way to decorate. Just blow up colorful balloons and then add dotted office supply stickers (or colorful markers) to make them look like Easter eggs. Then you can just string them along any doorway, wall, or entrance for quick and pretty Easter decor that won’t break the bank.


Paper Plate Easter Bunny Ears

To get your kids hoppin' last minute, you can easily pull together this adorable Paper Plate Easter Bunny Ears craft from the Suburban Mom. All you need is a white paper plate, a pair of scissors, and a marker. You just fold the plate in half, cut out two bunny ears, color in the ears, and then stand them up so your child can wear it, almost like a hat. Your kids will get a kick out of the ears, and it will make for a fun activity that that they can enjoy all day long.

For a furrier version of the bunny ears, check out this Animal Craft DIY Paper Plate Bunny Ears tutorial from Mother Goose Club Playhouse


Peeps On A Stick

For an adorable last-minute decor and a yummy, fun treat in one, check out this Peeps on a Stick idea from Your Home Based Mom. To get your chicks in a row, all you need to do is skewer colorful marshmallow peeps on to a thin wooden stick. Then you can place the colorful peep sticks in a decorative container, jar, or vase to brighten up your Easter table.

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