Last Season Of 'Downton Abbey' Premieres Tonight & There Are So Many Unanswered Questions

Hold onto your fancy hats, because the final season of Downton Abbey premieres tonight on PBS. This will be the sixth and final season, and while it’s been a long ride, it’s probably time for it to go. Who doesn’t love the drama, the banter, or Maggie Smith? But sometimes it’s best to get out while you’re ahead. The show has had it’s high and low points (sometimes the soap opera got a little too goofy), but how long can it really go on? If it were on a network, it would probably be ages.

According to reports, the final season will be a “feel good season” but that can’t be entirely true. There are still marriages to be had an secrets to be kept. And it sounds like all of those loose ends will be tied up this season. Showrunner Julian Fellows told CNN that they had planned on ending the series in season five, but they had “too much to do.”

We needed a whole series that was about resolution so we decided to do six, so it's not as if we're cutting ourselves short. It's good to leave the party when the people are still sorry that you'll go and not wait until everyone's incredibly relieved.

So will they resolve all of the problems?

Will Edith Get A Happy Ending?

Do You Think They Would Kill Off Maggie Smith?

Will Mary Marry Again?

Do We Even Really Like Bates?

But Really, What Will Become Of Downton?

Say it ain't so. Whatever will we do without them?

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