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'Last Week Tonight's Election Scandal Segment Proves This Election Is Totally Unique

John Oliver returned to HBO on Sunday night for a new episode of Last Week Tonight, where the main story was, of course, the 2016 election, which Oliver described as the electoral equivalent of a never-ending puke fest -- a disgusting analogy-- but not inaccurate. Last Week Tonight's election scandal segment proves that this election is unique for a number of reasons.

I should start off by mentioning that Oliver has not been exactly, well, balanced in his coverage of the election. Nevertheless, he made a pretty convincing case as to why the scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton are quantifiably less serious than those that surround the Trump campaign. Oliver went through everything from the Whitewater scandal, to Benghazi, to the Swiss Wire Transfer (OK, that last one he made up), and at the end the crux of the argument was that you can be irritated by Hillary Clinton's scandals. But if that's the case, then you should be outraged by Donald Trump's. Because in Oliver's words, Trump is "ethically compromised to an unprecedented degree." At the end of the day, the Clinton Foundation, while not exactly squeaky clean, is nowhere near the incredibly corrupt practices of the Trump Foundation.

Oliver first went through all of Clinton's scandals throughout the years. The ones that have plagued her the most throughout this election season were obvious her emails and her charitable foundation, the Clinton Foundation. More than once, Oliver reiterated "It's not good. But it's not as bad as it looks." The email scandal essentially boiled down to Clinton not wanting to use two different BlackBerrys for her personal and work emails, and thus the whole thing could have been avoided with cargo shorts. As for the foundation, Oliver points out that not only was Clinton not involved with how it's funds were used, but eight different government agencies had to sign off. He summed up with "Basically, it's complicated."

This is compared to Donald Trump, who Oliver calls "America's wealthiest hemorrhoid." Not only does Trump not seem to understand what a blind trust actually is, but he also seems to believe that putting his business in the hands of his children counts. (It doesn't). And as for his charitable organization, well the Trump Foundation has used donated funds to settle Trump's lawsuits and purchase $10,000 portraits of Donald Trump, according to the Washington Post. As Oliver says, his foundation might as well be called the "National Association for the Advancement of Donald Trump," or "NAADT" for short.