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All Of LC's Cutest Mom-Inspired Instagrams

On where else but Instagram, Lauren Conrad announced this New Year's Day that she and her husband William Tell are expecting their very first baby. In true LC fashion, her post featured a perfectly manicured thumb holding a sonogram print, along with the cheeky, understated caption: "Happy New Year! I have a feeling 2017 is going to be the best year yet..." Conrad's Instagram profile is a dream to look at, replete with perfectly curated and filtered photos. Lauren Conrad's best Instagrams, though, reveal much more than her artistic eye— they also show the very specific ways that she'll be an amazing mom.

The 30-year-old mother to be spoke of her eagerness to start a family on her personal "Lauren Conrad" blog back in August of 2015. When asked how big she'd like her brood to be, she answered: "Maybe two… That way we aren’t outnumbered." If her Instagram account is any indication, though, Conrad can make just about anything look like a perfectly accessorized breeze; The reality star turned Celebrate author has an impeccable eye for design that ensures that her pregnancy and baby's first moments will likely be well-captured and preserved for years to come.

Below are Conrad's very best Instagrams, all of which showcase the specific characteristics that will make her ready to welcome a new baby into a truly happy home.

She's got quite the support system

Conrad has copious posts devoted to her pups, showing that she's absolutely nurturing and totally dedicated to the cuter things in life. Her dogs, in combination with her husband, create the perfect family unit and an excellent support system for the couple's new baby.

She knows how to "Celebrate"

Seeing as Conrad wrote a book devoted to party-throwing, it's not all that surprising that nobody does holidays quite like she does. Imagine the birthday parties that she'll throw— the cakes, the decorations, the gift bags! (Can we get an invite?)

She's got great examples to learn from

In the post above, Conrad wishes her parents a very happy 30th anniversary. This post, along with other Mother's Day tributes and Father's Day memos, suggests that family values are always a priority.

She's got great taste in onesies

Though this one in particular was for a friend rather than her own future baby, Conrad's baby will likely be dressed in similar, humorous threads.

She can goof around, too

Admittedly, much of Conrad's posts take themselves pretty seriously, adopting a soft, yet measured vibe. This video, however, shows a sillier, tail-shaking, onesie-wearing Conrad who's down for spontaneous dance parties whenever possible.

She's ready for her "best year yet"

Despite all the happiness and success she's had already, Conrad's announcement shows just how psyched she is for her newest adventure. Starting a family is a huge deal, but with her creativity, her attitude, and the support of her family, Conrad's definitely up for her next chapter.