Lauren Duggar's Friends & Family Threw Her The Sweetest Baby Shower

by Casey Suglia

Josiah and Lauren Duggar's little one is well on the way to making her big debut into the world. Within a matter of weeks, everyone (including Josiah's many Duggar siblings) will get to meet their baby, whenever she is born. And they're already showering that baby with so much love. Lauren Duggar's baby shower just happened and it looked like the absolute sweetest celebration — down to the cake and all.

Lauren took to Instagram on Friday, Sept. 20, to share a bunch of photos from her adorable baby shower for their baby girl — and her family pulled out all of the stops. In the photos from the baby shower, Lauren can be seen surrounded by so many friends and family members (including Josiah's sisters and mom, Michelle Duggar) having the most fun. Guests got to change diapers while blindfolded (which should be easy for the Duggars who grew up with 19 siblings in the house), play a game called "Baby Jeopardy", and feast on some delicious sweets.

This clearly meant a lot to Lauren, who wrote about how special the day was to her in the caption of her Instagram post.

"So thankful for all the ones that made this day happen and came to shower our sweet baby girl," Lauren wrote. "It's hard to fully express into words just how blessed and loved I felt by so many people giving and loving on our daughter. Everything was so perfect and thoughtful! It will always be a beautiful memory that I will keep in my heart forever."

She is so right — everything about the shower was so thoughtful. Guests wore pink, in honor of the fact that Josiah and Lauren are expecting a baby girl, according to People.

Two cakes were served at the event — one honoring their new addition, and another paying tribute to the baby that Lauren miscarried late last year. Lauren opened up about suffering a miscarriage in an Instagram post in February. "To the ones who have gone through this, I know your pain," Lauren wrote in the caption of the post. "It's real and terrible. I just want you to know you don't have to suffer in pain alone. It is not your fault. A few months later, in May, the couple revealed the name of their miscarried baby while simultaneously announcing that they were expecting a rainbow baby. "So, as we rejoice of the life of our second sweet baby, we also remember our other sweet baby, Asa, in heaven," the couple wrote in the caption.

In the photos from the baby shower, two cakes can be seen — one coated with a blue drizzle topped with the words "Big Brother Asa" and another cake for their little one topped with "Welcome Sweet Girl".

This baby shower was so clearly catered to Lauren, making it all the most special.

Lauren is so ready to be a mother and it shows. She looks glowing in every one of her pregnancy posts, and seems fit for the role. In one Instagram post, she revealed that she is the oldest of nine children and loves being around her family, which means she's more than prepared to have a family of her own, whenever that may be. But now that she's been showered with love and gifts and happiness, the baby can come whenever she's ready.