It's Official: Newlyweds Josiah & Lauren Duggar Have A Joint Instagram Account

It's been just two months since Josiah and Lauren Duggar (then Swanson) walked down the aisle and said their "I dos." And after taking some time to enjoy their life as newlyweds, the couple is finally back on social media. In fact, Lauren Duggar's first Instagram post on her shared account with Josiah is a sweet yet subtle tribute to her husband and their marriage.

In the two months since their wedding, Josiah posted a photo to his Instagram account only once. This was kind of frustrating for fans who couldn't wait to get to know the couple and wanted to see a bit more into their life as husband and wife. But Josiah and Lauren had been busy, spending their honeymoon in Vienna, Austria last month, according to People. Lauren was thrilled to go to Vienna; she told People that she had always wanted to go because of the film The Sound Of Music.

And those happy feelings continued once Josiah and Lauren returned to their home in Arkansas — and this was made clear by her first Instagram post, which she shared to the couple's Instagram account on Sunday. In the post, Lauren and Josiah both look quite dapper in their Sunday's finest. And the photo's caption was simple and sweet. "Can't believe it's almost been 2 months since I married my best friend!" Lauren wrote, adding "marriage is the best."

And the posts just kept on coming. On Tuesday, Lauren returned to Instagram to not only give fans another post but to also wish her husband a happy birthday — and her message was adorable. Seriously, just take a look at everything she had to say about Josiah in honor of his 22nd birthday and their second month of marriage. Lauren wrote:

I never knew I could love someone as much as I love you. You are the one who makes me laugh until my stomach hurts, the one who calls me beautiful, even though I wake up with crazy bed hair, the one who loves me even when I don't deserve it, the one who cares for my needs greater than your own. You push me to do greater and better things, and have always been that encouragement to point me towards Christ! God is so kind to have blessed me with an amazing husband. I love you sweetheart - Happy Birthday!


But Counting On fans might be a little surprised by Lauren's sudden Instagram takeover — especially since she had not been on Instagram before until this week. But here's the lowdown: Josiah has had his Instagram account (@siduggar) since 2015, when he went through his first courtship, according to In Touch Weekly. After the courtship dissipated, he continued to keep his Instagram account, taking a break from it in 2016 but returning last year before announcing his courtship with Swanson in January, according to People.

It is quite uncommon for members of the Duggar family to have an Instagram account if they aren't engaged, according to In Touch Weekly, but it's clear a rule or two was bent for Josiah. And based on the last two Instagram posts, it's obvious that Lauren is now sharing the Instagram account with her husband. Although the Instagram handle is in Josiah's name, the name in their Instagram bio was changed to "Josiah and Lauren Duggar" to reflect Lauren's addition to the account.

This isn't uncommon; Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth also share an Instagram account with each other. But the majority of Duggar women (like Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo) have separate Instagram accounts from their husbands.

It's absolutely fantastic that Lauren is now updating the Instagram account. This is a great way for Duggar fans to get to know Lauren just a bit more, and two posts she's already penned seem like a great start.