Hi, It's Time To Literally *Drool* Over Le Creuset's New Ombré Cookware

I am a die-hard Le Creuset devotee. I love their enameled cast iron cookware, their tea kettles, and even their crocks. For years, Le Creuset has stood above all others, the golden standard of what long-lasting, gorgeous, durable cookware could be. Sure, it's a splurge, but it's not a throwaway product — it's cookware that will last generations. Their dutch ovens and saucepans are like works of art for your stovetop, and now, they've launched a beautiful new series that you're sure to love. The new ombre series by Le Creuset combines the trendy, yet subtle layered ombré pattern with the evergreen beauty that is a Le Creuset original. The combination is jaw dropping and flawless.

This is the just the latest in a line of daring and bold new colors from the almost 100-year-old company. Since its founding in 1925 in Fresnoy le Grand, France, Le Creuset has set out to be the company people turn to when they're looking for that special piece of cookware that's not only lovely to behold, but also a true workhorse. Oven and stovetop safe, their dutch ovens and saucepans are a true showpiece of your kitchen. In one pan you can sear your roast, slow cook it in the oven, and then store it on the countertop. Because why wouldn't you want to look at it?

The ombré series is currently available only at Le Creuset and Williams Sonoma online in blue, grey, and (it's definitely millennial) pink colors. Whether you want a lidded saucepan, dutch oven, or braiser, they're all there ready to spice up your kitchen with some bright, friendly colors. Prices start at $185 for their signature saucepan, all the way up to $380 for their large dutch oven. They're steep, but they're worth it.

Many, many years ago when I was registering for my wedding, the lovely lady assisting me at Bloomingdales told me that Le Creuset cookware was the number one thing that couples registered for. It made me think that there are bound to be many disputes in divorce court over who gets the seven-quart dutch oven and who gets the lidded saucier. This is why I can never get divorced. I love my husband, sure, but no one is separating me from my cookware. The idea is untenable to me.

I use my cast iron almost every day for one reason or another. Mostly though, it's for my Sunday roast suppers. If you're unfamiliar with the term, it's a longstanding tradition to have heaps of roasted meat and vegetables in a stew sauce every Sunday afternoon. It could be lamb, beef, or pork, but it's usually a red meat, and there's normally loads of potatoes and wine involved. The Le Creuset is perfect for the searing and braising.

The new ombré series by Le Creuset combines their amazing cooking ability, the even heating, the perfectly sealed lid, and the easy cleanup, and adds a layer of quiet, trendy elegance that will still be pretty and desirable long after the trend has passed and no one is wearing millennial pink anymore. The bottom of these pans starts out either a dark blue, grey, or pink color, fading upwards until it's nearly white around the handle of the lid. It's a very subtle gradation that just works. Basically, these are going to be pieces that your kids fight over when you die, so make sure you have enough to go around. (Just kidding. Mostly.)

No word yet when or if it will be available at other retailers, but it's only available until January 2019, or until supplies last. So if you're looking for that perfect wedding gift, or just want to treat yo' self in the kitchen, look no further. These are just perfect.