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3 'Legacies' Fan Theories That Will Hold You Over Until Season 2

For months, Legacies fans have been captivated by the mystery of Malivore and the secret of the Merge. But now that Malivore’s identity has been revealed, and Lizzie and Josie know the truth about the Merge, the supernatural stakes on the show are getting higher. With Season 1 winding down, you might need something to hold you over until next year. So here are some amazing Legacies Season 2 theories that may just help.

Malivore has been sending mythical monsters to the Salvatore School all season long, and fans finally know why. Triad’s shady agent, Ryan Clarke, told Landon that Malivore is their father (they’re like half-brothers) and that he was created by a triad of witches, werewolves, and vampires to wipe other monsters off the face of the Earth. He also tells Landon that Triad is the real bad guy, and that they need to save Malivore from the corrupt company’s grip. So was Malivore a good guy all along?

Alaric finally told Lizzie and Josie the truth about the Merge — a Gemini Coven curse that will force the twins to consume each other’s power when they turn 22. This revelation could easily pit the sisters against each other through sheer paranoia, which is why their relationship will be on thin ice until Alaric and Caroline find a loophole. Maybe in Season 2?

Plus, there’s a question of Hope and Landon’s relationship. Now that he knows his dad is Malivore, will it change his mind about other supernaturals like Hope? Will Hope’s love for Landon change if he decides to take his father’s side?

I know waiting for Season 2 to get all these answers will be hard, but with these fan theories, you’ll have something to mull over while you wait.

Josie Will Join The Dark Side

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Josie has become a force to be reckoned with, and some fans, like Reddit user Randomx321, think she will show her dark side in Season 2.

"I think the authors will turn Josie's character dark for sure for a while," wrote the Redditor. "I can imagine Josie use dark magic and become dependent of it (Alaric in an episode told Hope that dark magic poisons the heart of people that use it)."

A New Monster Will Emerge

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Malivore was seemingly the villain in Season 1, so some fans think Malivore will be killed and new monster will emerge that may be even worse.

"Malivore would have been destroyed and all the monsters within it were released," wrote Redditor Xil_Jam333. "I assume what will happen is basically the evil monsters start victimizing random residents of Mystic Falls, and the main characters' task is to hunt them and either kill them or contain them or save them depending on the circumstances. At the same time, a new powerful creature, also recently freed from Malivore, will be the big bad of the season. I can't exactly tell what kind of creature would it be but it can be something that leaves a big impact on Hope, the school, or Mystic Falls."

Triad Will Be The New Villain

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Now that fans know Triad has been upto some shady business — like throwing innocent people into the pit — there are some theories floating around that Triad will be the big bad next season.

"They could make Triad the real enemy next season," wrote Reddit user WendyFT. "Post-dealing with Malivore, they end up with Triad hunting them down and trying to capture the students to study them."

I know waiting until next fall/winter for Season 2 of Legacies will feel like an eternity, but with these fan theories, you'll have something to analyze and think about all summer long.