'Lemonade' Lyrics Every Parent Can Identify With

Beyoncé fans and admirers are nowhere done analyzing and processing the gift that singer released upon us last Saturday. The one and only Bey dropped her latest album, Lemonade, in typical, jaw-dropping, edges-snatching (goodbye edges!), fashion. And fans are hanging on to every ... single ... lyric. Why shouldn't they? The songs and lyrics in Lemonade hold deep-rooted meaning and represent internal and political truths for a lot of her fans. Lemonade's powerful, emotional, raw, political, unapologetically black, woman-empowered lyrics exemplify honesty, introspection, pride, strength and female solidarity – among many other takeaways. More importantly, there were plenty of Lemonade lyrics every parent could identify with (for better or for worse).

Although she acts as something of a standard bearer for women, the black community, and working parents everywhere, Beyoncé is not a monolith or one-dimensional being. She's a black woman, an artist, a sister, a daughter, and a mom, among other things, with real emotions and complexities. All parents embody and live different aspects of their identities. And since a lot of Beyoncé fans are parents themselves, it's interesting that her lyrics, at face value, can also resonate with parenting all too well.

Don't think so? Not all of the lyrics in Lemonade necessarily translate well into advice or commiseration, but there are definitely some gems that can be applied to parenting in general. Here are some of the best Lemonade lyrics that every parent can understand.


"This is your final warning ... you know I give you life"

It's clear that in Beyoncé's song "Don't Hurt Yourself," the singer was not directing those words to her precious, Blue Ivy. But parents can definitely relate to those situations when the little ones have been acting up, one too many times. And every parent has their own "magic" word, or code language, where their kids know they're serious and they've had enough. For the really crafty parents, it's a simple look ... the ... "wait until we get home" kind of look. I'm sure "this is your final warning" has worked for quite a few parents.


"Came into this world, daddy's little girl ..."

This line, again, isolated from the actual deeper context of Beyoncé's song, "Daddy Lessons," is for the dads who have daughters, and just adore them to pieces, right from the start.


"They don't love you, like I love you"

Parent's can relate to Beyoncé's "Hold up," because, there's no love like a parent's love. Even after you walk in on your child smearing liquid foundation and butter on the couches and walls, that unconditional doesn't fade (lucky for them, right?).


"I was served lemons, but I made lemonade"


This line is delivered by a recording of the voice of Jay Z's grandmother, Hattie White, in the powerful and political song "Freedom," featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar. But the message itself can resonate with parents who often times, make difficult sacrifices and decisions, in the best interest of their children. They make lemonade.


"Your mother is a woman, and women like her cannot be contained"

Translation: Don't make mom mad, or she'll blow up at you and send you to your room forever.


"She fights and she sweats those sleepless nights, but she don't mind, she loves the grind"

New moms and dads will appreciate this Lemonade lyric. Sure, you love your little ones to death. But honestly... when was the last time you got any real sleep?


"You can taste the dishonesty, it’s on your breath"



"Why can't you see me? Everyone else can"

"Don't pretend you can't hear me when I tell you to stop kicking the other kids' Lego towers over."


"Ten times out of nine, I know you're lying; but nine times outta 10, I know you're trying"

All parents inherently know when their kids are either fibbing or outright lying to them... What makes the sting of that dishonesty go away is when they apologize for it later. That's when you remember that they're just kids, trying to get through life and figure out what's right and wrong.


"My lonely ear, pressed against the walls of your world"

"I hear you in there, flooding the bathtub and flushing all my makeup down the toilet. Don't act like I don't know what's going on. Also, unlock the door."


"Go back to your sleep in your favorite spot, just next to me"

It's cuddles from here on out.

Whether you identify with the more heart-warming lines or prefer to apply the unintentionally funny ones to keep you energized throughout your long day running after the kids, Beyoncé already-mammoth hit Lemonade should provide plenty of inspiration to any parent — no matter what your musical preference happens to be.