Want To Score A LILLEbaby Carrier For 25 Percent Off? You Need This Special Code

Seriously, is there anything better than babywearing? Not only are you bonding with your little one and providing them with nonstop comfort, but you've also got your hands free! Laundry to sort? No problem. Emails to respond to? Coming right up. A plate of nachos with your name on it? Put a napkin over babe's head and you're good to go! (I'm only kind of kidding.) And now, fans of babywearing, you've got a new reason to rejoice. Right now, you can snag a new LILLEbaby carrier for 25 percent off with a special discount code. One of the only things better than babywearing is saving money, after all.

Ready to start shopping? To claim your discount, all you've got to do is enter the code LILLEbaby2019 at checkout. The code, which can be used on the majority of carriers on the website, will work from January 15 to February 15, so you've got a bit of time to peruse, read reviews, and pick your fave. The code works for all types of LILLEbaby's carriers, including their ring slings, wraps, and all the pieces from their Disney and Blizzard collaboration collections. If your order is over $50, you also qualify for free shipping. Cha-ching!

One caveat: The discount code cannot be stacked or combined with other offers, so you can't use it on items that are already on sale. But there's still plenty to choose from.

If you're new to babywearing – and using this LILLEbaby offer as your perfect excuse to try it out – here's a little bit about the practice. "'Babywearing' simply means holding or carrying a baby or young child using a cloth baby carrier," Babywearing International explained. "Holding babies is natural and universal; baby carriers make it easier and more comfortable, allowing parents and caregivers to hold or carry their children while attending to the daily tasks of living." Most new parents have found themselves lamenting, "This baby never wants to be put down!" That's when comfy baby carriers save the day.

Of course, there are more benefits to babywearing than simply convenience. Various studies have found that babies who are regularly carried cry less, have secure attachments to their mothers, experience improved breastfeeding rates, and even have increased weight gain according to Babywearing International. Unless you're the world's most patient parent, and with the most arm strength and endurance imaginable, you're probably not going to be able to carry your infant around for hours every day. Everyone wins with babywearing.

Motherhood is one of those "learn as we go" experiences, and taking advantage of discount codes should really be one of your first lessons . Whether you're a babywearing guru or a new parent excited to try it out, this discount code from LILLEbaby is all the reason you need to pick up a new (or first) carrier, ring sling, or wrap.