limited edition Heart shaped honey nut cheerios
Courtesy of Cheerios

These Adorable Heart-Shaped Cheerios Will Only Be Around For A Limited Time

You can now pour your heart out... of a cereal box because Honey Nut Cheerios just launched in heart shapes. This is the first time in the cereal's history that its ever changed shape, and it was well worth the wait.

More than just a fun revamp, the unexpected shape is meant to remind customers of the importance of heart health education. The heart-shaped cereal is available in both Honey Nut Cheerios and the original yellow-box Cheerios, and will retail for $4-$5. They can be found at select retailers starting December, and will hit stores nationwide in January and February, which, by no coincidence, is National Heart Health Month. And while the cereal may look a little different, it’s still the same honey and whole-grain oat goodness it's always been.

In addition to opening up a conversation about health, these crunchy little hearts can make for a fun Valentine's Day breakfast, or you could string them on twine to make a festive garland or necklace. Whether you choose to decorate with them, feed them to your little one, or eat handfuls yourself straight from the box, you'll probably want to grab these limited-edition Cheerios before they fly off the shelves.