Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'SNL' Promo Might Hint At What The 'Hamilton' Star Has Up His Sleeve

Hamilton creator, and Emmy, Grammy, Tony, and Pulitzer Prize-award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda is set to host NBC's Saturday Night Live on Oct. 8. There is no doubt that fans of the Broadway legend (yes, we can totally call him that) will be thrilled to see what he'll bring to Studio 8H at Rockefeller Center this coming Saturday. And if you can't wait to find out, Lin-Manuel Miranda's SNL promo should give you a little hint as to what you can expect from his hosting gig.

In the recently released promo, Miranda is shown sitting alongside SNL cast member Cecily Strong at a restaurant. It's fitting that Strong accompanies Miranda, since she is the one who impersonated him on a Family Feud SNL sketch just this past weekend. During the two-minute short, the hip-hop producer tries again and again to shoot a professional promo for the show. Yet, we watch as he is repeatedly interrupted by a condescending Strong.

Even when Miranda tries to roll with Strong's proverbial punches, he is shut down. In a reference to Sex and the City, Strong confesses "I'm just worried we're not gonna get along" she then appropriately lifts a girly alcoholic drink, "I'm more of a Lin-Manuel Samantha."

After hearing this, Miranda tries to play along by acting out Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie. Strong wasn't having it though, and immediately stripped him of the role with the firm words: "Lin, you're not the Carrie. Lorne is the Carrie." A disappointed Miranda then droops his head down and sucks his teeth as Strong rolls her eyes to the side.

Watching these two in action is a lot like watching a rival brother and sister vying for a parent's attention. We are sure to see more of this snappy dialogue come Saturday, but until then we can pull clues from the promo to predict what else could play out on the SNL stage.

1. A Hamilton Lottery Skit

Everyone and their mom has tried, and probably failed, to get their paws on Hamilton tickets. E News! describes the show as "critically acclaimed but impossible to see." So, it would make perfect sense for them to do a skit on this. Plus, we are already given a taste of this when Miranda repines that even he can't get tickets to the hit musical in the promo.

2. A Rap Battle Sketch

It would be far from shocking to see the musical writer rap, he did bring hip-hop to Broadway, after all. And we've seen a sneak peek into Miranda's abilities on this week's October 4 episode of the Tonight Show. Therefore it's safe to expect something similar going down on SNL. On top of this, it looks like the proof is in the pudding, in this case promo, where Miranda takes a moment to comment on his rap skills. Hint, hint?

3. An In The Heights Sketch

The promo might clue viewers in that a sketch will be made on In the Heights. This can be seen when Cecily hands him his hat from his first performance from the play. In The Heights, has recently been given the green light to be made into a film by The Weinstein Company, so it makes sense that he would promote his play on one of the most star-studded shows on television.

4. A Cheerleading Sketch Honoring Miranda's Bring It On: The Musical

Because who wouldn't love to see Miranda in a peppy high school setting?

5. Lin-Manuel Miranda Reversing Roles With Cecily Strong

In the promo, Strong brings up the fact that she played Miranda in the previous week's Family Feud sketch. How great would it be if he took on one of her iconic characters, like The Girl At The Party You Wish You Hadn't Started A Conversation With?

In sum, even though we might not be able to get our hands on Hamilton tickets, at least we can feast our eyes on Miranda's SNL performance this week.