Little Brother Disrupts Sister's Guitar Video, & 7 Other Kids Who Wouldn't Just Let Their Siblings Live

Siblings, while sources of constant love and support, are also a source of consistent interruption. No one knows this better than Jessica Montoya, who was trying to film a YouTube video when her younger brother intervened. Jessica's little brother disrupted his sister's guitar video, reaching into the guitar to grab her phone before giving her some sound advice.

Jessica had put her iPhone inside of her guitar to give YouTube viewers an insider's view of her strumming her pain with her fingers. Suddenly, her younger brother Jacob shows up, noticing that there is a device inside of her guitar and quickly investigating. After asking what's inside, he reaches in and pulls out Jessica's phone. He then hands it to her, oh-so-lovingly, and defiantly says, "Next time, be careful with your phone." Legend.

Jessica wrote a caption on her video, "Jacob is a little bit too caring," which is clearly true, but it's also true that her little brother is adorable. Jessica took it in stride, telling Jacob "thank you" after he "saved" her phone from possible harm. The entire exchange is heartwarming and sweet, and proof that siblings look out for one another, care about one another, and can't let the other live without making sure they're doing it right.

Jacob isn't the only one who has interrupted his sibling during an attempt to make a YouTube video. Here are seven other kids who wouldn't just let their brother or sister enjoy the spotlight solo.

The Brother With The Ultimate Video Bomb

Not only is this video great, but so is Tayler's response to the hatred the Internet can provide (and women know all too well). She also let us know that her little brother, Beau, is now 16 years old and still a dancing machine.

The Brother With The Killer Dance Moves

This is how I die. I die from laughter thanks to someone's little brother with absolutely no chill.

The Brother Who Likes Frozen, Too

Frozen is for everyone, not just little girls who like to sing at all hours of the day and night.

The Brother Who Just Wants It To Stop

Aden's little brother wasn't having her or her latest invention, the "V Cat." She was able to stay relatively calm, however, so we have to give her that.

This Brother Who Won't Let His Sister Finish Her Recording Session

If this doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will. (Also, I think, "I'm putting this on YouTube" is the knew "I'm telling mom.")

The Sister Who Likes The Song, Too

This little brother just wants to sign that Carly Rae Jepsen classic in peace, but he's not the only "Call Me Maybe" fan in the car.

The Brother Who Doesn't Want His Sister To Sing

Oh, please, no one interrupt this little girl ever again. Just let her sing her ABC's as a solo act, for the love of our eardrums.

Images: Jessica Montoya/YouTube