Little Girl Dumps Glitter On Face, Because Reasons

It's a scene parents of young kids know far too well: When things get a bit too quiet around the house, it often means that somewhere, hiding behind a closed door, there's a mischievous mess just waiting for clean-up. Such was the case for Josh and Jessica Pierce after their little girl dumped glitter on her face — but, hey, she had her reasons. Suffice it to say, her parents couldn't help but find the situation to be hilarious. After watching the video, you'll definitely feel the same way.

"There is such a thing as too much of a good thing," Josh captioned the minute-long Facebook video, one that begins with both parents cautiously opening the door to a blue, glittery bathroom surprise. "I got beautiful glitter on," announces 2-year-old Norah, now sporting some serious sparkles all over her cheeks. Of course, the entirety of the floor around her is wearing the same sparkle. "I just wanted to put glitter on my face," she explains, informing both of her parents: "It looks beautiful."

At the time, Norah's parents just aren't sure what to make of the mess. "You're too bedazzled. You're sneezing glitter. ... You look shiny, like a fairy," Josh tells her. Still, it seems that Norah regrets nothing. After all, it is a pretty stunning look, albeit one that completely doused her hair and dress and, well, entire bathroom floor.

Watch the whole thing go down below, and maybe take a few beauty notes:

The glitter-filled, now-viral Facebook video has already racked up over 14 million views. It's easy to understand why; It's something you'll want to watch over and over again because Norah's just so calm about everything and so sure that she's done the right thing. She sees no issue with what she's done; The glitter spillage was just par for the course, really.

No doubt about it, Joe and Jessica must have immediately started searching "how to clean up glitter" in attempts to salvage their space. Luckily, Glamour advises the following supplies to prevent glitter from spreading: Latex gloves (or plastic bags, if you're without them), a vacuum and broom, and as many lint rollers as you can get your hands on. Happy cleaning!

Honestly, Norah was probably just participating in the highlighter make-up trend that has consumed beauty blogs over the past year or so. Rather than sticking to the basics, though, she innovated, taking things to the next level, despite the casualties left in her midst. This 2-year-old sneezing glitter-fairy might be onto something big.