We Are All This Kid Freaking Out About 'Beauty & The Beast'

If you could barely keep it together while you waited to see the latest re-make of a Disney classic in theaters, this little girl freaking out over Beauty and the Beast will speak to you on so many levels. An adorable 5-year-old girl’s reaction was caught on film after her mom told her that she was going to see the movie sooner than she had expected. And for obvious, soul-healing reasons, the video in question went viral.

The video clip, which was uploaded to YouTube last Friday, starts off with the little girl’s mom telling her that their plans to see Beauty and the Beast have changed. "You know how I told you we were going to go and see Beauty and the Beast tomorrow, right?" the mom asks her daughter. "Well, I'm sad but we're not going to go tomorrow, OK?"

The tot — who's reportedly from Columbia, South Carolina, according to The Daily Mail — sits there calmly, but understandably looks shattered. That's only until her tricky mom drops the surprise that instead of waiting a day to see the movie they're going to see a late showing that night and she gets to stay up extra late to go see it. From there, her face immediately lights up and she becomes overwhelmed with excitement, jumping up and down with excitement, and crying from happiness (even though she simultaneously feels conflicted about which dress she's going to wear to the theater).

"I just feel like my eyes are watering right now because I'm freaking out," the little girl says, wiping her eyes and restoring basically everyone's faith in humanity at once.

This adorable moment will make your eyes water, too:

But, quite possibly the cutest moment, is when she realizes just how excited she is and clutches her chest with both of her hands. "My heart is going very fast," she states matter-of-factly.

As the little one wipes away her happy tears, her attention quickly shifts to her outfit. What does an excited little girl wear to see Beauty and the Beast? A gorgeous gown, of course (but with some pants underneath to keep her warm, because moms know how to make the best compromises).

With more than 8.5 million views and thousands of heartwarming comments, people could seemingly can't get enough of this little girl's sweetness — especially since, as viral media site Pretty 52 wisely put it, she is all of us. (Who wasn't ecstatic on their way to the movie theater, eagerly anticipating a reprise their childhood?)

The world may be cruel at times and our social media feeds tend to be flooded with bad news these days, but this child's pure love for Beauty and the Beast is the perfect fix to get you out of any and all Monday blues.

Check out the full video over on YouTube.