Colin Young-Wolff/CBS

'Love Island' Fans Want To Know More About This Newcomer

The new Islanders have arrived on Love Island and that's either a really good or really bad position to be in. It seems like Emily is in a good spot because she said in her introduction, "Boys, watch out I'm coming for you. Girls, watch out I'm coming for your boys," so at least she seems outgoing. But who is this person who is ready to pounce? Love Island’s Emily’s Instagram proves she's down for so many different kinds of adventures. So, she's going to be fun to watch on the show, even if it's just for the week. Love Island's finale airs on CBS Wednesday August 7.

If you are a fan of the show you know Emily isn't shy. On her first episode of Love Island she kissed a lot of cast members, including Kyra, in a game designed to force the newbies to get to know each other really quickly. In a confessional after the activity she said, "That game was wild. I think it was good to let everybody know that I'm here for a good time. I'm not really afraid to push my boundaries." That sounds good to say on TV, but only a deep dive into Emily's Instagram will tell fans if she practices what she preaches. I definitely think she does, and there's plenty of proof on Insta. Please enjoy some of my favorite examples.

She's Inclusive

Emily recently took to the streets to march in a Pride parade and documented the day on Insta with a caption that said, "Love Is Love." A girl who marches for what she believes in is worth getting to know. But she was in Tel Aviv for the march so she obviously travels, which is awesome.

She's A Fan Of Wine

I mean, I can relate. But Emily takes her love of wine to places I didn't know you could. I've had wine on the beach or in PJs. But never while dressed as a vampire.

She's Not Afraid To Stand Out In A Crowd

Emily seems to be a fan of music festivals. They seem like a great place for her to express herself as she's told her fellow castmates her style is "a little bit edgy" and "a little bit glam." Her description fits perfectly with this picture of her in a cowboy hat, a lot of glitter and fishnets.

She Loves Ice Cream

Emily isn't above chowing down on and letting the world see it on Instagram. That's totally awesome because she also seems to be modeling while in school, but sometimes it's important to chill out with some ice cream.

Emily seems like a wild and free spirit who is ready to get to know all different personalities. She better get on it because a week goes by fast on Love Island and no one ever knows when their time is going to come to an end. Her best chance to stay seems to be Eric so far, but there are also two new boys to learn about. She has a lot of conversations in her future. It's a good thing her Instagram proves she has so many adventures to draw on.