These Subscription Play Kits Make Boosting Baby's Brainpower Easy

Ever wonder if your baby or toddler is playing with the right toy for his stage of cognitive development? Frankly, there's a lot of research out there on just this topic (and there are even more opinions), but of course you don't have the time to read any of it. That's why The Play Kits by Lovevery are so cool: The new subscription box service for ages zero to 2 years aims to take the question of which toy when off of your plate, and bring the answer straight to your doorstep.

Named one of Time magazine's Best Inventions of 2018, The Play Kits by Lovevery are designed by a team of experts especially for the millennial mom, according to the website. Each kit contains science-backed, non-toxic toys that match your baby's stage of development, from a black and white card set in the 0-12 weeks kit (babies are riveted by high contrast images in the early months) to a sliding top box in the 11-12 months shipment (which builds strength, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving skills). Play Kits also include Play Guides, providing all the need-to-know guidance that new moms want from such educational approaches as Montessori and Reggio Emilia, to name a few.

With Lovevery, founders and busy parents Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris hope to help all parents cut through the noise by providing them with exactly what they need, when they need it, to help foster their children's brain development.

"Babies and toddlers change so much, so fast, and it's hard as a parent to know exactly what to give them, when, especially when you're layering atop an already busy life. So we send parents precisely what they need, to help baby grow and engage in meaningful play, during each of these micro-development windows," says Rolph in an interview with Romper.

In developing each toy and guided activity, Rolph and Morris are constantly in contact with a team of experts in the fields of child development and education. The design process involves testing every item with 25 families across the country by watching children playing with the toys, talking to parents about how their children used the toys, and more. Then the entire team determines which products had the best outcomes and which prove to be most beneficial in terms of fostering developmental growth.

In a press release for Lovevery, Montessori Adjunct Professor Professor Jody Malterre wrote, “Children at this age have an absorbent mind and are sensorial learners. When you tune into what a toddler is drawn to practice — fitting wooden coins in a slot, pouring milk into their cup, finding a hidden ball, or solving a puzzle that is just the right amount of challenge — they will enter a state of deep focus and concentration. Lovevery designed everything in The Play Kits to support the kind of experiential learning that kids are naturally wired to love.”

Already a hit with celebrity parents like Ayesha Curry and Gabrielle Union, the Lovevery line recently expanded to include play kits for toddlers (I especially loving the Race and Chase Ramp for exploring motion and direction). Additionally, their award-winning play gym gives baby an entire year of play and wins points for its minimalist style.

Those looking to cut out unnecessary excess will also appreciate Lovevery's environmental stance, as all products are thoughtfully crafted with the use of sustainably sourced wood, 100 percent organic cotton, and rigorously tested to be compliant with ASTM F963 and leading third-party labs.

With dreams of expanding the product line to include toys for up to age 6, the mission of Lovevery remains the same: helping parents to confidently guide their children's cognitive development while spending quality family time together.

Lovevery's Play Kits for Toddlers are delivered every other month and start at $36 per month; when you pre-pay for a subscription, you get 10 percent off.