If You Love Your Pet, You 100% Need To Print Their Face On These Custom Socks

America is a nation of animal lovers, and if you already have the t-shirt and the coffee cup proclaiming the depth of your affections, you can now add Lovimals' personalized socks with your pet's face to your fur-friendly wardrobe. There's really no better way to show your love for (wo)man's best friend than by sporting their face on your hosiery.

Lovimals, the company behind these statement socks, can hook you up regardless of whether you're on Team Cat or Team Dog. The cat print features little paw prints and fish skeletons orbiting Fluffy's head, while the dog version sports paw prints and bones.

Calm down, calm down, ferret and fish fathers and gerbil gals... there's also an "other" option so that you, too, can get your socks on. The site says that the surrounding design if your friend is finned, feathered, or otherwise will be a simple heart. As for other tweaks, Lovimals' designers will take care of cropping your pet's face and removing the background from your photo so that only the important pot makes it to your socks.

All you have to do is go to their site, choose "cat," "dog," or "other," select a color and how many pairs you'd like, and then upload the photo you want to sheathe your tootsies with. There's also an interesting option for "Two Faces" which either includes a photo with two of your pets in it or possibly if you have one of those rare two-headed cows that needs to be on your socks — either way, it's a $4.99 upcharge. Reviewers on the site universally mention how soft the socks are and what a great likeness the image turns out to be on the finished product.

Which reminds me, you can also just fall back and get a plain old person's head on your socks — bor-ing — but you might want to remember that "Two Faces" upcharge if you make socks with Aunt Alice on them, the one who seems nice in person but is always talking about everyone behind their backs at Thanksgiving. Get it?

If you do opt for a person's face on your socks, it will be surrounded by hearts, so consider putting your own head on them as a super cute gift for your S.O. or your boo.

One pair of Lovimals' unisex, one-size-fits-all socks costs $29.99 plus shipping. Progressive discounts are offered for multiple pairs, and you'll earn free shipping for orders over $75. The site also offers a myriad of other personalized products, including everything from coffee mugs, tote bags, and blankets to those sequined pillows that appear to be a solid color but reveal a photo when you flip the sequins over... in this instance, of your beloved pet, of course.

But it's the socks that are the heart of the matter, especially since this accessory is still on fire in fashion circles: If you were curious, you can snap up a pair of Gucci's GG logo cotton socks right now for a cool $1,690 at Farfetch, because who doesn't need a $1,700 pair of socks? Why wear someone else's logo on your, um, calves, when you can put your heart there instead with these dandy suede-feel socks that show the world your favorite furry (or not) friend.