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Luke's Return To The 'Bachelorette' Has Fans Shook

Luke P.'s departure on The Bachelorette was pretty shocking on Monday night, when Hannah sent him home after not being able to get through to him during their one-on-one date. So, it was even more shocking when people found out that Luke comes back on Bachelorette. That was one thing that fans were not expecting.

Let's just say that Luke hasn't been the fan favorite on this season of the show or the favorite of the guys. But, it's impossible to deny his connection with Hannah — the two of them have some super strong chemistry and a connection different than any of her other relationships in the house. However, after their super awkward one on one, it was easy to see why he could have been sent home. Instead, something super unique happened — Hannah didn't give him a rose, but didn't send him packing, either. Instead, she told him to step up his game and act serious about her. I mean, she had a point.

Although his bags were packed and ready to go, Luke returned back to the home without a rose, with his fate entirely unknown until the end of the rose ceremony. Of course, his fellow competitors weren't too happy to see him show up — and people on Twitter weren't too happy, either.

There are a lot of reasons why Luke is so polarizing with the other men in the house and with the viewers at home. He made it clear from the very first moment that he stepped on screen that he was here for Hannah and Hannah only. His relentlessness, plus his aggressive behavior towards the other men definitely upset people. His approach to dating Hannah set him apart from all of the other men, and not in a good way.

So, last week, people thought that it was his time to go when he had his first one-on-one date last week. During the date, Luke wasn't opening himself up to Hannah in the way she thought he would. Instead of talking about his life and his emotions, he was just saying the things that he thought Hannah would want him to say. It got so bad, that Hannah had to call in the producers just so she could rant to them about how frustrated she was, according to Entertainment Tonight. And when the episode ended in a cliffhanger, people thought that it was his time to go. But, as people saw in the episode from tonight, it didn't end up that way.

People on Twitter were more upset with Hannah for letting Luke come back than they were with Luke for coming back.

But these people are being a little too harsh. You can't blame Hannah for not sending him home — she gave Luke the first impression rose for a reason. They clicked the first time they talked and she was into him from that moment on, drama and all. She has the right to explore this connection for as long as she wants to.

But just because Luke is around for another week doesn't mean that he'll be around for much longer. Given how this week's cocktail party played out, Luke knows that he isn't necessarily the most welcome on the show.