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Hit Up Macy's Epic 10 Days Of Glam Sale For 50% Off Cult Favorites RN

Even though it's only June, thanks to Macy's 10 Days of Glam sale, you may feel like Christmas has come early this year. Starting today, June 11, and going through June 20, the retail chain will release daily online-only deals of 50 percent off (yep, you read that correctly) some of the most popular beauty and skin care products on the market. Each day, two new products will go live so be sure to set your alarm so you don't miss out because just like Cinderella's carriage, once the clock strikes midnight, the daily deal turns back into a pumpkin. And, with an additional discount code provided on the site, you can also get free shipping on your 10 Days of Glam purchases. 50 percent off and free shipping? Santa does exist!

Sometimes when sales on beauty products pop up it's easy to see why: they're all the stuff no one really wants. But that is most definitely not the case here. We took a look at all 20 items that will be available over the course of the sale, and they are filled with swoon-worthy products from some of the most popular beauty brands around. With products ranging from mascara to eye cream, lipstick to serums, you can definitely do a full beauty overhaul without maxing out your credit card thanks to this sale.

Below are eight of our favorites we think you will love too. Now get to shopping, you gorgeous creature, you.