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Mahershala Ali's New Photo Of Daughter Bari Is The Cutest

For actor Mahershala Ali, 2017 is certainly shaping up to be a very good year, both personally and professionally. Just days after his first child, Bari Najma Ali, was born in February, the 43-year-old talent snagged a Best Supporting Actor Oscar at the Academy Awards for his role in the breathtaking film Moonlight. And Ali posted a baby photo of daughter Bari to Instagram this week that certainly seems to indicate that life is still but a dream.

In the photo, little Bari is lying on her back on a bed wearing an adorable purple outfit and looking as content as a baby can be. Most likely, that's because she's gazing up at her proud dad, who's kissing the bottom of her foot and looking back at her with all the love in the world etched across his face. The only person who's missing from the family portrait is Ali's wife, Amatus Sami-Karim, whom Ali thanked in his Oscars acceptance speech:

I just wanna thank my wife, who was in her third trimester doing awards season. We just had a daughter four days ago. I just wanna thank her for being such a soldier through this process ... and really carrying me through it all.

Having a baby was just a different kind of triumph from the other one Ali's been celebrating lately. According to Vanity Fair, he also won a SAG Award, a Critics' Choice Award, and an NAACP Image Award for his role as a drug dealer/father figure named Juan in Moonlight. His Oscar also made him the first Muslim ever to win an Academy Award — but he had experienced another rare and beautiful event in the birth of his daughter just days before, that, in all honesty, may have overshadowed everything.

That's because Bari Najma was born inside her amniotic sac, according to Us Weekly. It's a phenomenon that happens only in about one in 80,000 births, the outlet reported; In fact, babies born encased in this thin membrane are believed to have a lifetime of good luck — not to mention an natural affinity for water. "The water didn't break until the baby was literally almost out. So when she was born, she came out in a clear, like, bag," Ali told Access Hollywood of witnessing the birth. "And I'm going, 'Wow, they come brand new!'"

If her unusual birth and her dad's many onscreen accomplishments (not to mention how much she's clearly loved) are any indication, Bari is certainly poised to do great things in life.