Make Your Own Dunkaroos To Give Yourself A Dose Of '90s Feels

by Lindsay E. Mack

Back in the '90s, after finishing a marathon session of The Lion King game on Sega Genesis (those ostriches sure are jerks) or running around in your moon boots, you'd settle down with a pack (or two) of Dunkaroos. The frosting-coated cookies were the perfect pre-dinner treat, and something any '90s baby craves to this day. Unfortunately, they aren't as readily available as they were in the days of snap bracelets, but luckily you can create your own DIY Dunkaroos.

And why wouldn't you want to make your own Dunkaroos? Not only is it super simple to do, but it will bring back all those beloved childhood memories. But Dunkaroos were a happy little addition to lunchboxes or long car rides everywhere. I can still picture the blue box with its enthusiastic kangaroo character. And the snack itself was the bomb: cookies and frosting? Are you kidding me? It took a whole lot of self control not to scoop out the entire contents of the frosting compartment with the first cookie.

If you’re a fan of this iconic ‘90s snack, and your life is a little empty without it, take heart that you can easily DIY some Dunkaroos today.

The Frosting

Although the original Dunkaroos were manufactured by Betty Crocker, the Internet seems to conclude that the most similar frosting is Pillsbury’s Funfetti. There are about a million varieties, but the Confetti version looks pretty similar to the original Dunkaroos dip.

For the more adventurous souls, you can follow Bustle's instructions to make Dunkaroos dip from scratch.

The Cookies 

Though some people debate which cookie is ideal for dipping, Buzzfeed notes that Teddy Grahams are the ideal choice, with the basic animal cracker a close runner-up.

But if you want to go all out, you can nab cookie cutters in the shape of kangaroos and hot air balloons and follow this Food 52 recipe for homemade Dunkaroos cookies. Now you’re ready to host a fly ‘90s snack party. Pass the Ecto Cooler, please.

Images: :kirsch:/ Flickr; Giphy (1)