Robyn Beck/AFP

Marco Rubio's Candy Crush Comment Was Hilarious, And Twitter Loved It

Want to know what gives me life? Politicians merging with pop culture to prove a point. Tonight, we all got treated to the World As Marco Rubio Knows It when Rubio talked about Candy Crush, and more importantly, the success of Candy Crush. Many, bored with the bland quarrels and the seemingly sedated Donald Trump were thankful for the arbitrary anecdote referencing the infamous addiction of so many smartphone owners. Perhaps Rubio's quote was his attempt at reaching Millennials on a more personal level, but as a Millennial myself, I'm less than turned on by his remarks — and Twitter seems to feel the same way.

Because we saw plenty of reactions to Rubio's statement — and not everyone related to the comment. May I now present to you for your viewing pleasure, the best tweets currently crushing Rubio's Candy Crush comment.

First, let's take a look at the moment itself:

And move onto the Internet hilarity.

Honestly, your face fills up our Facebook feeds enough, Rubio. We're all good here.

Image: Robyn Beck/AFP