Maren Morris shared a video of her baby waving during ultrasound
Robby Klein/Contour/Getty Images

Country Star Maren Morris "Got A Wave" From Her Baby During An Ultrasound — VIDEO

There's nothing like getting to see your baby-to-be through an ultrasound. And while most of the glimpses I got were of my daughter's hand in front of her face and her butt pushed up to the screen, some people get all the luck. Take country star Maren Morris, who has a sonogram video of her baby waving at her. Does it get any more amazing than that? The excited mama-to-be shared the incredible video to Twitter and her followers were only too happy to share in her excitement.

Morris announced her pregnancy late last month, with both her and husband Ryan Hurd sharing photos from a maternity shoot to Instagram, according to E! News. "The irony is just too rich that after a year of living in the 'GIRL' headspace, the universe would give us a baby boy to even things out," Maren wrote in her post, in reference to her hit album with the same name. "See you in 2020, little one." Hurd captioned his post with a perfect Seinfeld reference, saying, "MY BOYS CAN SWIM. BABY BOY HURD 2020! Look at her… cannot believe this life with this girl. Also, thank you George Constanza for this caption that I’ve been sitting on my entire life."

Morris has regularly been sharing photos of her cute belly to Instagram, but the tweet is the first fans have seen of her ultrasounds, which she captioned: "I got a wave today."

"HE SAID HI MAMA!!" one fan replied to the video. "Omggg this is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet all day!! I’m so excited for you and Ryan!" "I’m sobbing," said another — same. The thread also includes too many heart-eye and crying emojis to count.

Morris is excited to welcome her little boy in a few months time, but she was a little shocked by the news of his sex in the beginning. “I grew up with one sister, my mom owns a hair salon, so I was just always surrounded by women,” Morris told Radio.com. “I have an affinity for them. There’s women in my band, in my crew. I’ve never really had a male sibling or anything like that, so I had just felt like I’m gonna have a girl ’cause I’m constantly surrounded by women. And I put a record out this year called GIRL. And nope — the test said it was a boy."

The happy couple has yet to announce a due date, but fans can't have too much longer to wait to meet the baby boy. And considering Morris' tendency to share the big stuff with her many followers they're likely to get more glimpses in the meantime, too. I can't imagine any bump-dates rivaling the baby waving to the camera, but only time will tell.