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Maria Menounos Shared Her Struggles With IVF On Snapchat

When you decide it’s time to get pregnant, it’s a personal decision and is completely up to you about how private or open you want any discussion to be about it. Sometimes it’s not as easy as you thought it might be to conceive and that can make it even more difficult to talk about. Celebrities and public figures already have their lives on display and this time of their lives is immediately less intimate. But, Maria Menounos shared her struggles with IVF (in vitro fertilization) on social media and has been open with her fans for months on about the steps she’s been taking towards parenthood.

On Friday, the E! News host shared a photo on Snapchat that showed another negative pregnancy test she had taken, with the caption “Wow, I’m shocked. Not.” and a sad face emoji.

Since March, Menounos has shared a series of videos and photos on Snapchat of her experience with IVF. She’s documented herself at the hospital having an egg-retrieval procedure with her fiancé, Keven Undergaro, by her side.

"They're starting to drug me. It feels good," the TV personality said in one Snapchat video clip while in hospital gown. In another clip, she recorded a video of her IV bag with the caption "Egg retrieval time."

In an interview with Redbook last year, she opened up about her struggles with fertility and finding the right time to start a family.

"Women have been sold a bill of goods," she told Redbook. "My biggest struggle is the idea of having kids. Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning with everything that's going on in my life and there aren't even kids in my equation yet. On my reality show last year, I was talking about freezing my eggs. I started the process, but I wasn't successful, and it's still not happening. So let's call it what it is–not a good situation."

Even in 2011 Menounos was very open about her desire to start a family when she appeared on Good Morning America with her fertility specialist. At the time she wasn’t ready to have children, so she made a plan to freeze her eggs.

"To me parenting is the most difficult job in the entire word and when I do it I want to be committed and a hundred percent ready to take it on and to be the best mom I can be," she told Good Morning America. “For me, it’s [egg freezing] a bit of an insurance policy."

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Menounos' Snapchat has been very brave and candid as she documents her struggles with the IVF process and becoming pregnant as well as her journey to motherhood altogether.

IVF is not an easy process. It can be physically and emotionally draining. But the way Menounos has been so open with her fans about her personal struggles may lend some support to fellow women in the same situation.