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Marikh & Chelsea Had An Interesting Conversation At The End Of 'The Bachelor'

In the year 2018, there are a lot of social justice issues for people to be concerned about. There are even some that I wasn't before aware of. Like when Marikh accused Chelsea of "glam-shaming" on The Bachelor and many fans found the whole conversation downright hilarious. Honestly, I wasn't aware that glam-shaming was a thing, but I guess I'll have to add that to my list of societal issues. Man, this list is getting really long you guys.

The soon to be iconic line delivered by Marikh didn't happen until the end of the episode, in one of those funny little "extras" segments the show delivers after all the drama of the previous two hours. Marikh wanted to talk to Chelsea about some things Chelsea had apparently been saying to Arie on their hiking group date. I guess Chelsea had made fun of Marikh for overly primping on the date, by stopping to brush her hair and trying to use her compass as a mirror. To be fair, the woman is technically on a date right now that will be aired to millions of people. So I kind of understand taking a second to check one's hair. In any case, Marikh needed to defend herself against glam-shaming.

After a few minutes of debating whether Chelsea was making fun of Marikh for brushing her hair or for trying to look at herself in her compass, Marikh decided to lay down the law. She explained that just like fat-shaming or slut-shaming, Chelsea was "glam-shaming" her. I had no idea that glam-shaming existed but this is the word I'm going to use every time my friends accuse me of being extra. I also think that Bekah M. with her fur coats could use this one too. What, you think four pairs of false eyelashes is too much? Stop the glam-shaming, Karen!

It should also be noted that Chelsea does not believe that she was glam-shaming. She explained that as a former model she is very much in favor of glam. "I'm not anti-glam," she told the cameras in her interview portion. She furthermore stated "for the record" that she is very much pro-glam. I'm so glad to hear that, because the last thing we need is someone else out their discriminating against people for being too glam. Honestly, what's next? Maybe the next time my mom tells me I should get out more I'm going to tell her she's slug-shaming me, and I will not have it.

While I initially did not like Chelsea, and considered her to be this season's secondary "villain" after the obvious Krystal, I have to say I found her downright agreeable in this interaction. Fight the good fight, Chelsea. Let Marikh know that you are now and always will be in favor of glam. I think that's a message that we can all get behind.

The silly moment was a welcome bit of levity after a very long and dramatic episode. Bekah finally revealed her age to Arie, who seemed a little taken aback to find that she's 22. Krystal got on everyone's nerves with her passive aggressive remarks, Arie-stealing, snide comments, and near constant proselytizing on the nature of the "journey" that all of the women were on. After two hours of watching women maybe fall in love with Arie, it was nice to find a real cause that I can put my energies behind. Everyone, I believe that together we can put an end to the glam-shaming once and for all.

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