Marimekko For Target's Kid Collection Is Affordably Adorable, But You'll Need To Act Fast

If you're a fan of Marimekko's collection of vivid patterns and Target's propensity for affordable prices, you're in luck. Target and Marimekko collaborated on a limited release line that brought Marimekko's signature style to the shopping giant. Even better? Marimekko for Target's kid collection is perfect for spring, and its pricing makes it surprisingly accessible. But if you want to have a mother-daughter shopping spree, you'll want to move quickly — some items in the collection are already selling out. There's still inventory in stock, but the collection is limited, so if you're intrigued, you'll want to hurry to a Target.

Marimekko has definitely nailed the perfect cute and comfy spring line for kids. Sure, their home offerings and array of beach-ready outfits are pretty awesome for grown-ups, too, but their collection of dresses, swimsuits, and cover-ups for the younger ladies out there are even better. (I think it's the whole miniature effect — everything is just more adorable when pint-sized, and Marimekko's cheery prints are no exception.) I have a feeling the line's mix of flowers and eye-popping patterns will delight a large amount of mothers and their daughters — not to mention, you know, all of the rest of us that get to see miniature fashionistas walking around.

To top it all off, Marimekko has invested its efforts into a line of kid-friendly home goods this time too — which means that your little ones (or you, if you still consider yourself a child at heart) can chill out inside some colorful fabric tents or on disc-shaped pool floaties to their hearts' delight.

The collaboration hasn't set off the Black Friday-style frenzy that previous Target collaborations have caused, however. For the release of the Lilly Pulitzer collection last year, people showed up in the wee hours of the morning to be the first customers through the door. But all-out frenzy isn't Target's goal. The limited collections are meant to create buzz, which they seem to be doing fairly well.

Even if it hasn't caused the Black Friday behavior some were expecting, the Marimekko line has still brought in quite a few fans, and the collection's flowery hats have already gone out of stock in multiple stores. "The purchase urgency was less than it was with the Lilly Pulitzer collection in the very early morning hours, but we won’t have an accurate read until later," a Target spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal. "We don’t intend for these to sell out in a day."

Which is great news for those who are only hearing about the Marimekko and Target collaboration now. If you jump online to scope out the goods first, you can check and see what stores still have stock of the items you'd like — or, because we live in a magnificent digital age, you can just order the items to your front door if you spend over $25. Great news for exhausted moms everywhere.