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Mario Lopez & Wife Courtney Announce Baby #3 Is On The Way In This Sweet Video

This new year will soon welcome a new addition into Mario Lopez's life. The actor and host of Extra, along with his wife, Courtney, and their two adorable kids made one major announcement on Instagram on Friday. In a sweet video posted on his account — perfectly captioned "Lopez Family update..." — Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza revealed they're expecting their third child.

In the video, both of Lopez's children — 8-year-old daughter, Gia, and 5-year-old son, Dominic — shared some very fun updates about their lives with fans, according to People. Gia or "Gigi" revealed that she is keeping herself busy in 2019 by attending gymnastics, dance, and piano lessons on top of her schoolwork too, of course. Meanwhile, Dominic or "Nico," as Lopez referred to him, just started going to wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and gymnastics classes. Mario revealed in the update that he is "crazy with work, as usual," of course.

But Courtney had the best update out of all of the family members — she revealed she's pregnant and they're having a baby, which is so exciting for the whole family. This was made clear by the screams of joy from Lopez's children — they are so clearly ready to have a new little sibling in their home.

"That's right we're going to be a party of five," Lopez exclaimed in the video. But, he also revealed a few key details: they don't know the sex of the baby, but Courtney hopes it's as cute as their french bulldog. Knowing how cute babies are, that shouldn't a problem.

As if the whole family couldn't convey their excitement in the video, Mario took to his Instagram Story to share that his children are already suiting up for their roles as older siblings. In the photos, both Gia and Dominic can be seen wearing shirts that say Best Big Sister and Best big Brother.

And Courtney is just as excited about her pregnancy; she revealed she's due in July, putting her just at the end of the first trimester. Over on her own Instagram account, Courtney shared a photo of her husband kissing her bare bump. And her caption was just as simple. "Oh BABY!! Here we go again...#LopezPartyOfFive," she wrote in the caption of the photo.

It makes sense why Mario and Courtney are so excited for their newest addition — they love being parents, and this is clear in the interviews where they've talked about their children. In a 2015 issue of Parents Latina, Mario told the magazine that he plans on teaching his kids how to be humble and appreciate their upbringing, saying:

I don't want them to be spoiled. I make sure to communicate, especially to my little girl, how blessed she is — by going to church, to Boys & Girls Clubs, to certain events where kids don't have it so good, where she'll be able to witness need and recognize it and later be able to help.

And Lopez told Parents Latina that he hopes that he can teach his kids to "treat others with respect."

From the way his children introduced themselves in the video, you can tell that they're so well rounded and not spoiled. They seem like such happy children with all of their hobbies and excitement when it comes to being big siblings. And hopefully, this won't be the last Lopez family update people see as they await Baby #3's arrival.

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