Kate From 'Married At First Sight' Is About To Launch A Lingerie Company

Lifetime's Married at First Sight introduces the audience to several new couples every year, following each pair of participants around every day for weeks as they adjust to married life. But even though the cameras rarely stop rolling, the show only reveals a small portion of the couples' lives to viewers. Social media can provide a fuller picture of who they are offscreen, but Married at First Sight star Kate's Instagram is more on the mysterious side.

Kate's Instagram is private, which means that all 795 of her posts are being kept from non-friended eyes. Her profile states a few key details about her life, including an announcement of her televised marriage to Luke. It also has links to the Instagram account and official website of the company she co-founded, Hidden Intimates. The company's Instagram is public but similarly bare, with only one photo of their logo with the caption, "Coming soon! Follow us to find out when we launch!" Their tagline, as shared in their profile, is, "Often hidden, not to be overlooked," with a crescent moon emoji.

According to the Hidden Intimates website, they plan to supply their customers with a curated collection of women's intimates. That likely means lingerie, though it could also include sleepwear. They're all about the "first things we put on our bodies in the morning, and the last things we put on at night."


Interested fans can subscribe to the website to get the most up-to-date news about Hidden Intimates. Their pieces promise to be versatile and comfortable, able to be worn underneath clothes or shown off, depending on the wearer's preference. The company's Facebook account has even more information about what to expect, as sleepwear, slips, bodysuits, robes, bralettes, and panties are all listed among their future products. Kate founded Hidden Intimates with Flo Mcilwaine, who might be a former co-worker; they both used to be buyers for Anthropologie.

Kate's life outside of love and work is still a big question mark, though. One would hope that she'd feature on Luke's Instagram now that they're married, but his account is private, too. On his profile, he gives a shoutout to the show before listing his various career endeavors. He's a civil engineer, but also runs the speed dating service Unplugged Dating and has a podcast called Cuccurullo Conversations. It has three episodes of interviews so far: one with Tyler Fabian, another with Brian Durkin, and a third with Matt Hendricks.

Kate and Luke have had trouble connecting on Season 8 of Married at First Sight, which airs new episodes every Tuesday on Lifetime. Kate has been feeling the chemistry between them while Luke hasn't, which led to a few awkward interactions. But regardless of whether or not it works out between them, social media has made it seem like they both have some pretty cool professional goals to carry them through. Devoting yourself to your lingerie company after getting married on TV sounds like the plot to a Lifetime original movie that I, personally, would watch any day of the week.