Marvel's Halloween Kid Costumes Are *So* Cute, They'll Even Make Thanos Feel Guilty

I'm a geek, a nerd, a fangirl. I live for comic books. In fact, it was one of the things my husband and I first bonded over. Now that we're parents, we love taking our kids to see the movies, and they've donned more than their fair share of Marvel gear. We also love Halloween, and this year, the Marvel Halloween kids' costumes at the Disney Store are super cute. Whether you're raising your very own King T'Challa, or maybe a tiny little Hulk, you're sure to find something adorable, making you the hero of Halloween.

Through the haze of the mind whip that was Infinity War, fans the world over are looking for a way to not only staunch the apprehension and heartache, but also celebrate the awesome Marvel Universe this Halloween. Can it bring back the lost heroes? Probably not, but dressing my little ones up as Ant-Man and The Wasp may make me feel better for about 20 seconds before I inevitably fall into a deep pit of despair, raging at Thanos and all that he has wrought upon us. And if you're wondering, no, Thanos is not one of the characters available as a Marvel kids' costume. Disney's not into encouraging evil domination. Do that on your own time.


Tiny T'Challa

I'm not saying that you should follow your kids around while they wear this while playing the theme of Wakanda on a portable speaker, but I'm not saying you shouldn't either. This costume lights up, people, like his actual suit imbued with vibranium. How could this not be the coolest?



Shuri is easily one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time. If you read the comics, her arc is the stuff of legend. If you're just going by the MCU movies, she's the smartest of all of them. Smarter than Mr Marvel, smarter than Doctor Doom, Professor X, all of them. She uses her brains before everything else, and she's a hell of a driver, which is way more than I can say for myself at 16. This costume is adorable, and your child will love it.


Iron Spider

Spider-Man is awesome all on his own. I mean, who hasn't dreamed of being bitten by a radioactive spider and suddenly gaining the ability to leap from building to building while maintaining a perfect GPA, right? But in the latest film, Ironman gives him his very own special suit that enhances his already awesome spidey powers. This is that incarnation.


Baby Hulk

Could you just die? You definitely shouldn't make this little guy angry. You won't like him, when he's angry. It will assuredly mean a tantrum of epic proportions, a candy bucket flung directly at your head, and probably a soiled diaper. But it's so cute you know it's totally worth it.


Captain America

When you just need to knockout your opponent in the sandbox with a giant pie plate, look no further than this adorable baby Captain America onesie-hat combo.

Also, can we talk about the booties for a hot second? What is it about these tiny superhero booties that is making me melt? Just make sure you take them off before you change the Cap's diaper so they don't accidentally kick poop instead of villain butt.


The Wasp

She puts the Ant-Man in his place, she is smart, successful, and strong, she takes no crap from anyone, and does her job with pizazz. If you haven't seen her movie, it comes out on digital in October, and is still in a few theaters, so get on it. It's really fun and light, unlike that other MCU movie this year, and you'll fall in love with The Wasp.


Baby Spider-Man

This is an easy-on, easy-off hooded costume for your baby and toddler. Having been through plenty of Halloweens with my kids, I will tell you that you can not overstate the importance of this. This is especially true if your toddler is potty training. A complicated costume will only make things go sideways — fast.



Hello, how cute would this be as a sibling set with The Wasp? I'm trying to convince my kids that this is what they should do. My daughter is still pretty set on Moana, but it's probably going to be cold, so come Halloween, I think I can get her to change her mind. My son is all for going as Ant-Man. So sweet.