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Nobody On 'Big Little Lies' Asked For Your Opinion, Mary Louise

As soon as Mary Louise arrived in Monterey for Season 2 of Big Little Lies, it was obvious that she would be trouble. But she isn't just a pushy mother-in-law, or a misguided, grieving mom. She's crossing every boundary in her bid to protect Perry's memory, including dismissing the experiences of those who were most hurt by him. Mary Louise's victim-blaming on Big Little Lies has Twitter infuriated, for good reason.

Celeste hasn't hidden the truth about Perry's abuse from Mary Louise. But her revelations were met with gaslighting and denials; Mary Louise refused to believe that the "gentle" little boy she raised grew up to be a monster. She was similarly unaccepting when she spoke to Jane about her rape. First she suggested that someone else must have assaulted Jane and she simply didn't remember; then she tried to rewrite the circumstances of Jane's attack, painting it as little more than a misunderstanding on Perry's part. When Jane remained steadfast, Mary Louise asked her to find the goodness in Perry. It was blood-boiling to listen to, both for the characters and for the audience watching at home.

Mary Louise's grief is understandable, but her behavior towards Perry's victims is not. She has to face facts about her son — facts Twitter is only too happy to point out.

Count To Ten

Sometimes Mary Louise is so enraging that all you can do is close your eyes and breathe. Shouting at the TV works, too.

Can't Hear You

This gif isn't that far off; it does feel like Mary Louise wraps a defensive forcefield around herself when it comes to Perry. The truth just bounces off.

Just Sayin'

It would probably be kind of repetitive for Big Little Lies to end Season 2 the same way as Season 1, but it doesn't look like fans would be mad if it did.

Step Back, Mary Louise

Mary Louise insinuated herself in Jane's life in Episode 3 after Jane specifically told her that she needed time to think about introducing her to Ziggy. It's obvious that Mary Louise feels a connection to all of Perry's biological children, but that shouldn't override Jane's express wishes.

Just Go

Mary Louise, you have worn out your welcome in Monterey and can take your silk scarves elsewhere.

Doubt & Disbelief

Mary Louise wants all the details about Perry, unless they're details she doesn't like. She's constantly talking about finding out the truth, but she has a very narrow idea of what the truth should be.

Doesn't Add Up

Celeste is doing her best to accommodate her mother-in-law while dealing with her own complicated grief. But Mary Louise is always giving and taking away in the same moment. Sure, she may be there for the boys, but she's making everything worse for Celeste by refusing to accept reality.

Same, Thor

I'll go ahead and answer this one, Mary Louise: no.

Everyone Has Had Enough

When Mary Louise isn't denying the lived experiences of abuse victims, she's pushing her own agenda. She loves to go on about how kind and sweet and good Perry was, as though saying it aloud makes it fact. But that's not how it works.

Deal! With! It!

Mary Louise tries to reshape Celeste and Jane's stories to make them better suited to her imagined version of events. She dismisses Celeste by highlighting Perry's supposedly good qualities and guilt-trips her about not going to the police. She doubts Jane's memories and then backhandedly blames Celeste for him being rough sexually. The simplest solution is usually the truest, though. Perry just wasn't a good person.

Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

She sure did.

Mary Louise is being actively harmful to Jane and Celeste by crossing their boundaries and invalidating what they've been through. She has to face who Perry was, because her willful ignorance is only making things worse.